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April 25, 2008, 5:16 pm
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a few days ago we talked about on of spree’s kittyosyncracies: playing in the toilet.

here’s another silly thing she does….

that is the day bed at the front window.  the blinds are opened every morning so that they can look out the window all day. they love it.

IF i don’t open it soon enough, she sits there and stares through the blinds.  its very passive aggressive, i think.  “hello, why can’t i see out this window? oh, perhaps it is because the lazy human hasn’t waddled over here to open it for me….”

she also does this in the shower on mornings when i haven’t showered soon enough for her liking.  she sits in the tub and stares at me every time i walk by the bathroom or do something in there. “its 7:30 am!  why haven’t you baaaathed yet!?”

that’s my kitty, bless her heart.


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I didn’t know you had a kitty cat? I guess her and Cody Bear get along pretty good? I would love to get a kitty but I am afraid the cat would kill my dogs. heh heh

Comment by Kathryn

Sounds like typical cat behaviour to me!

Comment by S. Le

That really is a fascinating picture.

Comment by lavenderbay

Yes, it’s a tough and thankless job, but somebody’s gotta keep humans on track. 3 cheers for Sgt. Spree!

Comment by TheAgedCat

she hasn’t left the master bedroom all day. just stays snuggled into the messy quilt. poor cat. its exhausting running this place.

Comment by goodbear

You’re right…that is so passive aggressive….and SO ADORABLE!

Comment by Gina

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