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dum dums and asparagus to go….

here’s one of the funnier things we saw at work this week.  one of our clients (a hospital) returned this pc to us for service….

now, not everyone is great with computers, BUT, if you are medical staff at a hospital that may one day be treating me or someone i know….i really hope you know how to turn on a pc.  also….do you need this as a reminder? if someone shows you the button one time, will you need a note taped on to remind you?  ever again?

ok…well, we were cracking up about it! then…it was time to get ready for one of our coworkers 50th birthday party!  l and i made this…

gosh, i sure hope you can tell it is an e!  the picture turned out cool because we had the party on the cyc(cyclorama) in the photography studio.  i love the cyc! i wish all the walls in my house had curved bottoms!

then the party, followed by leftovers.  we had soo many leftovers, (the caterer was just so so) but, not many containers.  here is my friend m with the mug-o-asparagus i had to take home.

the party was great and the birthday guy loved it.  there was some jerkiness, but i’ll talk about that tomorrow….once i’ve cooled off a bit! also, the guy in charge of the beverages only brought one case of beer for fifty people. DUH!

i did end up carting the cup of veg home i the honda’s cup holder.  i was snacking on the asparagus en route. it was good.  traveled well.


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These are probably the same hospital staff who, like Weird Al Yankovic in the “Like a Surgeon” video, see the flatlining heart monitor and bang on the monitor instead of the patient’s chest …

Comment by jamesviscosi

Love the balloons and I LOVE asparagus!

Comment by Gina

Sounds like you had a great time. The balloon e was wonderful!

Comment by Rusty

thanks, it was kind of fun making the balloon e. we don’t do stuff like that EVER at work, so everyone was kind of impressed.

Comment by goodbear

Push this button…..HILARIOUS.

Comment by Gina

I’m a trainer for nurses. When they get a job at our company, they are told they must be a fast typer and have advanced computer skills. They all say they do. Then they get into my training class and they do not know how to turn a computer on. Nor do they know how to resize windows, copy and paste… oh I could go on and on.

Comment by Drunkbunny

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