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border collies, my goodness
April 27, 2008, 6:45 am
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so, i’m obsessed with border collies.  i have been for years.  i also love aussies, and since i met checkers on line….i may be addicted to corgis, too!

but, here’s a dog…

that has been in the class i have been helping with for the last five weeks.  he’s GORGEOUS!

anyway…i did something drastic tonight:  i filled out an online application for a border collie puppy.  i want one AND i think cody bear has been sort of lonely lately. besides….

he’s been taking himself too seriously lately.

we’ll see.  i’m not rolling in the dough.

what do YOU guys think?


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You know me-I think the more dogs the merrier. I believe six dogs is a good number to have. Add two more and you’ve got 23! A border collie will sure keep cody bear busy! I just love that picture of the pensive cody bear. His ears look so adorable.

Comment by Checkers

We think our dogs are happier when they’re together in a group (except when Tucker and Dennis both want mama’s lap), so getting Cody Bear a friend would probably make him happy. You could also look into border collie rescue if they have one in your area. We got Dennis through vizsla rescue (we were just going to foster him but we never gave him back).

Comment by jamesviscosi

That is so exciting!!! I bet Cody Bear will love having a friend to romp with.

In my experience, getting a new pet is always a hard decision. There are always good reasons for not doing it. But once it’s done, it always sees like a good thing.

And Collies are awesome. I’m pretty sure Oliver is part Collie.

Comment by Laura

dang cute dog i must say

Comment by Erica

I don’t think you could go wrong. IJames is right, animals need a bud. I love border collies. One lived with us for awhile and he was the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. Unfortunatly he belonged to the county, the Sheriff’s Dept, and my husband was his 2nd handler. He was the county drug dog. When it came time for him to retire the county gave him to his first handler who was also retired. I really wanted to keep him. I know they loved him though.

Here is the blog of Misty who has border collies.

Comment by Rusty

If it weren’t you, I would probably want to tactfully steer you towards something in a nice Pug or Westie. But you know what you’re getting into.
E.g. and I have been coming to the same conclusion as Checkers, James, and Rusty. More news soon…

Comment by lavenderbay

you’re getting a new dog, too!!!!

Comment by goodbear

We have rarely had just one dog…just about one year when Chloe was new and then we got Mandy. There seems to be a stronger bond with you and just one dog. But since you work, I know Cody would be much less lonely with another dog around. I’ve seen this first hand. As long as Cody remains the alpha, he should have no jealousy issues. We had computer issues over the weekend and I’m just now coming here.

Comment by Gina

I think you should get a Chihuhua by the name of Tinky.

Comment by Kathryn

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