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April 28, 2008, 3:43 am
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regarding the possibility of cody bear’s baby sister….

i pretty much have called everyone i know today and yesterday.  got some voicemails, talked to some folks.  also…got some great feedback from blog friends.  i have to say, i’m weighing the post from blog friends pretty heavily, as we have heard eachother’s voices pretty loudly through font-on-blog these last few months.  with the exception of one person, everyone i actually spoke to or read words from supports the idea.  funny thing, the people who didn’t answer are the ones i expected would think it was a stupid idea to get another dog!

here is cody bear….waiting for his baby sister…

here were the big CONS:

money, time at work, cody bear’s “issues”, hard to find someone to watch pets when i leave town, small house, cat, i take it hard when the pets get sick,

ok, here are the pros:

before i counter the cons….

1. i’m not sure what i want to do with my life, where i want to live, of anything….but i do know i want a dog.

2. for the last two years i have used cody’s not liking dogs as an excuse, but he does like some dogs and he is so lonely.  nowadays, when he sees dogs, he wants to play.  his friend’s families are too busy for play dates.  he is SO LONELY.

3. i love dogs.  i’m a good dog mom.

ok, addressing the cons:

money: i am never going to be rolling in the dough.  so, shall i never get another pet?  that goes against who i am.  i’m not rich and i have pets.  it’s ok.  even with cody bear’s illness, he has NEVER missed out on medical care.

time at work:  i get to come home for lunch every day normally.  i have some vacation time to welcome a new puppy.

cody bear’s issues(being health and fear of dogs): he has never gone so long without barfing! we’ve found a great diet, and an exercise plan that works.  he actually misses his dog friends.

hard to find pet sitter: lets revisit the financial issue, shall we.  dog sitters are a crappy argument, since i never have enough money to actually go on vacation anyway!

small house: yes the house is small, but the yard is HUGE.  and, its not like dogs do an obstacle course while i’m away.  adults sit and wait till you get home….puppies chew up small houses just as well as big houses!

cat:  the cat loves dogs, wishes cody would play with her more, even.  plus, getting a puppy, he will grow up knowing he has to treat her gently and …. learn that she isn’t food.

taking it hard when pets get sick.  yes, i have no argument for this.  i still miss loki every day….

anyway, thanks everyone for your input!

i’ll keep you posted. after all, this rescue group may not approve me anyway….


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Like there is any chance you wouldn’t get approved.

With that list of pros it’s tough to have a reason why not to get a new family member. Finances could be tight but you’ll never know what future vet bills will be like. My only other concern was Spree but it sounds like you think she will like a new puppy too.

Comment by Hannah

Ditto on Hannah’s comment: I can’t imagine you not getting approved!

Comment by Checkers

1. money–another dog is not that much more expensive than two dogs…we’ve had three at one and we’re poor and we managed it.
2. time at work–that’s the reason I would think it would be GREAT to get another dog..Cody and the kitty would have company

the only cons I can think of are Cody maybe being a little jealous of your time with the new dog and having to divide your time with two instead of putting all your attention on Cody…we have two and we have to make sure we do everything fairly for both but we have worked it out.

The reason I didn’t comment earlier is because we had to get our computer worked on. Was I the one you thought would answer negatively? I have had three dogs at once…like Checkers, I say the more the merrier. I would get another one right now if my Mom wouldn’t have a cow. 🙂

3. small house–this is a non issue to me…they’ll do their BIG playing outside

Comment by Gina

Where does Gina’s mum keep the cow?

I’ve stopped taking Cai to doggy daycare (he was only going once a month before anyway) altogether because he is so exhausted from non-stop, sleepless play (and then there’s the noise, and all that indoor urinating, and… echh…). Another dog in the house would be a companion, and they would balance their playtime and naptime better. (And yes, we’re getting a new puppy!!!)

Dogsitting: Maybe you could occasionally house-swap with a trusted fellow blogger.

(PS: Rosencrantz is up on my sidebar now.)

Comment by lavenderbay

Here’s another pro for you. Dogs are pack animals and love to be with their kind. Knowing Cody Bear, he will probably be the Alpha Dog.

Good luck!

Comment by Kathryn

cody bear doesn’t make a very good alpha dog, mostly because he doesn’t speak or understand dog language. if you put him in a group of dogs, he tends to be most comfortable staying beside the actual head honcho. he feels safer that way. his favorite dog in the world is the toughest dog he knows.
i think i will talk more about this at my next post actually! come to think of it!

Comment by goodbear

Just to throw in my two cents… get an adult border collie from the pound!

I recently got a puppy and he is driving me to the brink of insanity. And if you have neighbors, forget it! They cry ALLL the time. While I do love my puppy, I totally wish I had gone with an adult dog instead.


Comment by Lexi

how exciting, a new sister for cody bear! can’t wait to hear all about her!

Comment by henri hopper

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