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dog treat warning
April 29, 2008, 8:11 pm
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hi everyone.  serious email today:

this is mindy, who is currently in the hospital fighting to get the toxins from tainted food out of her system….

mindy’s parents have been careful to feed her top quality organic chow, but unfortunately distributors did  not take the pet food scare seriously, and costco is still selling their chicken strips.  mindy has eaten great food, and who would have thought chicken strips with just one ingredient could be bad?  we’ve researched it on line and there are scads of folks whose pets have suffered or passed on because of these strips.  a couple people only feed home made food and these strips, so it has to be the strips.

she is fighting to keep her kidney’s going, her vet team is working so hard to help her and her parents are struggling with this.


please also keep mindy and her parents in your thoughts.

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Mindy and her family are cradled in my thoughts. It’s so scary sometimes, the things you hear about food. I’ll pass the info along.

Comment by Checkers

Thank you for letting others know about this danger. I would never want any other dog or parent to go through this. Thanks you, Cody Bear & Checkers!

Comment by Anna&the pack

Get well soon, Mindy! How awful to be sick from something that was supposed to be a nice surprise.

Comment by lavenderbay

I hope she gets well quick. How horrible. I’m glad I never go to Costco but this could probably happen with any store.

Comment by Gina

Poor Mindy. I had no idea about the chicken jerky strips at Costco.

Comment by Riley

Thank you for the warning. That is just awful about Mindy.

Comment by Rusty

Yikes! Hope she recovers fully. We used to give our dogs the Costco chicken treats, but stopped a while ago. We had a bag in the closet for the longest time but we finally returned it and we told the store why. No more Chinese-made treats for our pups!

Comment by jamesviscosi

This is alarming! And the worst part is they call these a TREAT! It is a bomb wrapped as a gift! Hope Mindy is ok.
Hopefully there will be more warnings on pet food recalls from concerned pet lovers. Let’s try to feed our dogs organic dog food as much as possible.

Thanks for the warning,

Comment by Jolie Makes Homemade Dog Food

[…] may have seen some other posts here and elsewhere about possibly-tainted pet food products coming from other countries (notably China), so we try to […]

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