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April 29, 2008, 5:13 am
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well, the weekend went well, so it was hard going back to work today. but….it didn’t turn out badly!  my boss was funny and even though i screwed up for a bit, he was cool about it…and….my coworker was hardly annoying at all!

it helps knowing that my boss is seeing his bad habits, too.

i will admit, much of my mental energy was spent wondering why i haven’t heard from the border collie rescue group.  i totally smothered cody bear with attention after work because he has acted so depressed lately.  it made all the difference; he was SO CHEERY. so…i know a play mate is a good idea.

besides…there are way too many dog toys in this house for one dog!

i don’t have any thing juicy to talk about tonight.  ‘cept maybe the super tasty meal i made myself.  some sort of green bean tomato onion dealie in a mixture of seasonings and white wine served on this mixture of rices.  i have to say….it was scrumptious! exciting….? no, but scrumptious.

hopefully i’ll have something silly to post about tomorrow.


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🙂 yay more of the cutie

Comment by Erica

Oh yeah, vegan comfort food is nothing to be sneezed at!
I’m getting all smiley inside anticipating the combo of Scottish and Chinese collies.

Comment by lavenderbay

I can’t wait for something silly!

Comment by Checkers

He has such a great smile.

Comment by elizabethews

I would love to see pictures of Cody Bear playing with another dog.

Comment by Gina

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