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dog takes advantage of economic stimulus check…
April 30, 2008, 4:47 pm
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oh, let’s face it….i can only be wordless for so long on wednesdays.

so, here is cody bear on one of our stops yesterday while we partook in retail therapy…

our first stop is one of his favorite places in…the…WORLD!  it is a self-service dog wash and shop.  he does not like getting a bath there, but he LOVES the owner.  she is one of cody bear’s best friends.  (she owns the large poodle he fancies)

while there we bought this leave in conditioning spray that is supposed to make you shiny. (your dog shiny, rather) it was 16 bux, and i know it sounds like a fru fru purchase, but he has been SO STATICKY lately.  he snaps when you pet him and he gets really sensitive if you zap his ears or his shoulders.

we also bought a new type of kitty kibble.  spree likes the shwag cat chow, science diet.  but with the pet food scare, i’m trying hard to switch her to the holistic organic made in the u.s.a. stuff.

anyway, the owner has become a friend to both of us, so we were there for ever chatting.  as you see, once she stopped cuddling him, cody bear got bored and took a nap.

our next stop was more of a pet boutique really.  neither of us like it there.  most of her stuff is for people with tiny dogs that like to dress them up in couture dog clothes and put jewelry on them.  but, we went because they’re the only place in town that sells pet blinker batteries.  she gave them to us…so we bought some cheesy dog treats.

i don’t like going there because she has this chihuahua that barks at everyone, and anytime a person comes near her she trembles in fear.  the store owner says “she loves coming to work with mama.” but the dog is terrified.  i wish she could see how unhappy she makes her dog by taking her to work every day. oh well.

so, that, and three walks and three meals was pretty much his day.

rescue group hasn’t called yet.  its been four days…

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I love working at the pet store! Last week with the warmer weather we had the front door propped open. I heard two different people on one afternoon reasoning with their dogs: “We’re not going in, we already went there today!”

I hope the fact that the rescue group hasn’t called yet is a good sign, meaning that they’re cautious enough to make sure the applicant is okay before they hand over a creature. You’ll be fine.

Comment by lavenderbay

Although Cody Bear has more black hair on her face, she and my dog look quite a lot alike (which is beautiful, of course). Is Cody Bear part chow?

Comment by Riley

My cats only eat Iams Multi Cat formula and are thriving! Sounds like you had a fab day.

Comment by S. Le

yes, he is part chow, and some herding breed and who knows what else. i love him and just think he’s the cutest thing, so riley totally caught my eye!

Comment by goodbear

Is it Wed? — already?? I laughed at your post heading.

Comment by TheAgedCat

Sounds like a full fun day. I loked the title as well, it brought a smile to my face!

Comment by Rusty

cody bear is so staticky because he is a high-energy dog!

Comment by Checkers

What is it about dog boutiques and chihuahuas? I was on a business trip to the Nashville/Franklin TN area, and stopped into a boutique like that. They built a special gate you had to enter after coming in the front door (inconvenience your customers instead of train your dog not to run out the door – yeah, that’s brilliant). Once inside they begrudgingly had a few leashes and collars for big dogs, but everything else was for little dogs – hey, I have a big dog AND I have money, guess you don’t want mine. And the shop’s chihuahua would viciously bark and growl and act like it was charging everyone who came into the shop, then it would retreat and not let you pet it. Why bring to work such an unfriendly dog?

Comment by sparkychronicles

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