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ww – ems bear!
April 30, 2008, 5:31 am
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cody bear-on the job! He makes a great supervisor.

Comment by Checkers

I love these, the waw the light barely outlines Cody in the fisrt! What a great catch!

Comment by Rusty

Back when I was a paramedic, I made a call to an unconscious diabetic (life-threatening situation for the patient). She was on the floor in a mobile home whose only working light bulb was in the kitchen two rooms over. Her family was all around. I leaned over the patient, who was on the floor by a couch. Only then did I hear a vicious growl. I looked up and could barely make in the darkness a huge dog on the couch, growling at me because it was protecting it’s owner. The family thought it was hilarious. The cops, me, the fireman, and the other medic started screaming at the family all at once.

I remember it because it wasn’t the first time, nor the last, that family refused to protect the rescue workers from the pets who were only trying to protect the owners. Instead, while their family member lay there seriously ill, they chose to amuse themselves with the pet’s reaction rather than putting the pet safely in another room.

But non-critical calls, if pets were around, you bet once our work was done the firefighters and myself were all over that pet. Emergency workers are definitely an animal-loving profession. If I had been on that call and my work was over, I’d be making a beeline over to meet Cody in a heartbeat!

Comment by sparkychronicles

that is horrible that they did that. i can’t believe how stupid that family was!
did the diabetic make it?

Comment by goodbear

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