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the new henrietta is welcomed home
May 31, 2008, 3:16 pm
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henrietta, the rubber chicken in a bikini dog toy, broke in half this week. it was tragic, and naturally she needed to be replaced immediately. here, making her film debut, is henrietta, the easter close-out rubber chicken:

i think these rubber chickens are left over from easter. they used to just be rubber chickens….in bikinis. now they’re in a one piece with a cotton tail on the chicken but and she’s wearing rabbit ears. bikini chickens are silly, playboy chickens….creepy.

let’s watch his unique playing style:


happy hour with the border collie puppies
May 30, 2008, 2:20 pm
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i went to visit the puppies again after work yesterday!

i don’t have any pictures of my favorite little girl because when i first got there i snatched her up for cuddles.  she was so snuggly.  she loves to be cuddled and sits still very well instead of wiggling as if she was disgusted.  i think the foster mom has done such a good dog with these puppies!

this dog, mischief, is the foster mom’s dog.  she is so soft and a very sweet dog.  she’s alot of fun.

i stopped at petsmart and bought some little nylabones and some puppy sized rope toys, as well as a puppy buddy which is a tiny squeaky frog.

after the cuddling i went to get my camera, but while i was doing that my girl was running running running and she tripped on something and fell head first into someone’s puppy pile.  she had it on her head. it was so sad.  i just didn’t think she would like a picture like that on file anywhere!

after i left the puppies watched the season finale of lost which was quite terrible, if you ask me.

one chicken, one bikini…one broken heart
May 30, 2008, 7:13 am
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twas a sad day in rubber chicken land. we have indoor toys and outdoor toys. cody bear’s favorite outdoor toy is henrietta, the rubber chicken scandalously clad in a purple bikini. each morning he runs laps around the back yard with chick chick in his choppers.

tonight….during a game of “tug”…henrietta was halved:

so, it was midnight…we were running around the yard. the tugging began and the hen….well…canine playtime vivisection. not too gross!

i thought henrietta’s day’s of fun were over, but clearly i was wrong!

two things to note: cody bear has faith in his toys and he will not let them die into this good night. and also….it is time to go buy some overpriced, whimsical, squeaky dog toys!

….i’m not complaining…..ludicrous toy shopping is tops in my books!

oh cody bear!
May 30, 2008, 2:28 am
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well, we made it through the day.  things eventually got better!

here’s my guy:

he’s kind of moping, but he’ll come around. i may have to really coddle him tonight! tough job…not!

today….is sucking
May 29, 2008, 5:23 pm
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i had a feeling it would.

1. woke up and couldn’t get dog to go outside because of last nights trauma.

2. got to work and hear a loud noise, run to the window.  a motorcyclist wrecked.  the cops were already there for something else so he got quick response.  (and probably a ticket, too) he was going really fast, but thankfully was wearing a helmet.  his leg was broken, i’m sure. he was crying out in pain.

3. i’m supposed to finish a project, but….there are no parts.  my boss didn’t order enough parts and the project has to be done today for the client.

4. oh, and i have to sit down and talk to my boss about what a d-bag my coworker is being.  my boss has been telling me to tell coworker to do things….but….if it comes from me….he blatantly ignores it. won’t even touch the job/return the message/what have you.

5.  my boss will think i’m imagining it.

so….someone, please leave a joke in the comments.



the whiner

cody bear walks the “mean streets”
May 29, 2008, 2:33 pm
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as i mentioned a few posts ago…cody bear has trust issues with dogs. (euphemism)

two nights in a row  we have been charged by a dog running off leash….owner present. both times the dogs ran across the street to charge my dog.

last night’s was the worst encounter and left me and cody bear quite rattled. we had walked to a friends shop to buy some healthy dog biscuits for cody’s pal, hannah. while there, we started talking about off leash dogs. we are in agreement. off leash dogs’s owners are jerks. (it is amazing how many people don’t agree with me!)

so, we left and began walking home. we hadn’t been walking 5 minutes when we were charged by a very angry shih tzu ….and his very large rottweiler buddy. the owner was in the front yard washing his a car. i screamed to him to come get his dog, but he didn’t. turns out he walks with a cane. once he realizes a fight is going on he starts to walk over. he had just been calling.

you guys…i seriously thought, “this is the end.” the dog was twice cody bear’s size. now, cody bear is fine, physically, but for those of you who read that previous post, you won’t be surprised to know that the emotional damage is the risk here.

wisely, our dog trainer and friend said i shouldn’t walk him for a couple days. the stress hormones from something that scary take a while to disipate, plus, he’s riled up. there was a lot of adrenaline moving through my little guy. when the man finally came to drag his dog home, the rottie was crying out in pain. that dog got hurt, not because of my dog who was protecting himself and me, but because his owner thinks it’s necessary to have his unleashed dogs in the front yard. and of note, the entire time the shih tzu would NOT shut up. even after the guy left with his rottie, the shih followed us up the street barking.

well, it took me half an hour to get him to go in the back yard this morning. he wouldn’t even get close to the door. he’s laying here by my feet. he’s one scared little bear.

i admit it: i was scared, too.

i’m so thankful he wasn’t physically hurt. it really is amazing. but, i’m sitting here at my desk writing as people walk by with their dogs. if i were to take cody bear out for a walk this morning, he might bark at anyone he sees, but you know what…it’s not his fault.

greeting card bee shot
May 29, 2008, 6:59 am
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hi everyone…here’s the bee we saved tuesday…

if this bee were on a hallmark card he would say:

thank you.  thank you for saving me from the puppies.

i was floating in the pool like a dead guppy.

but you arrived and pulled me from the pool with a stone,

sat me in a tree alone.

lucky, too, since i’m an aficanized bee.

millions may have arrived to vindicate me.

but, you sat me to dry on a lofty tree

while puppies frolicked beneath with glee.

i won’t sting you today, as i rest where it’s sunny,

but, be warned, i’ll be back tomorrow to gather for honey.

buzz buzz buzzzzz

wordless wednesday – puppies dog pile on mama

round puppy bellies, smiling border collie faces

stand by for cutenes!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

ah, the rescue border collie mix puppies!  they’re about 5 weeks now!

some of them have already learned how to get in the pool!

some are still struggling with that.

betty is in her bowl.

they’re so funny!

their little animalities are already starting to show.  they’re all so different!

the mom is starting to wean them, so they have her milk and this california naturals kibble.

this one just planted himself in front of me and watched all the activity.

and…betty is still in her bowl.

more puppy pool fun.  if you’re ever feeling down…watch puppies try to figure out how to get into the pool…(we found a bee swimming in the pool and had to take it out so none of the fuzzy babies would get stung)

they’re irresistible.

and full of variety.

and thirsty.

and here is the happiest one.

in case you couldn’t tell already, this one with the half black half white muzzle is my favorite.  she’s a total puppy love!

i miss her already!!

bee infiltrates puppy pool!
May 28, 2008, 5:51 am
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this bee was floating in the puppy pool tonight. we got it out so the puppies would be safe, then i put it in a tree.

this is a honey bee. (if a. will confirm, i think it is an africanized honey bee)

he’s drying out in this tree on the rock we used to get him out of the pool.

he was really close to the puppies! but nobody was hurt.