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mad lib #2 – a love letter
May 1, 2008, 4:13 pm
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My Beloved Blowzanne,

I love you! Just writing that puts a morsel on my lasagna noodle. Drum kits put a smile on my face.

I love you because of your desk, your floor, your shoes and your dust bunny.

I love you because are you are my tall friend and plump companion. You smile at my silly earth and enjoy my perilous spirit.

I love you because I have a longing to be climactic to you and you long to be climactic to me. I love snuggling with you in front of a litterbox and pilfering with you as we watch TV. I love to be near you. I love handling your hand on a walk during the day and holding your glasses across the table at a ambush at night.

I love you because you listen to me lethargically as I share the rhythmic triumphs or plays of the day.

I love you because in corn fields of friction between us, you hear me round. Even when you don’t agree with me, you listen with a longing to traips me.

I love you because you respect dry ice. You pounce the man that I am, rather than try to swim me into someone I am small. You suffer my imperfections and my shortcomings pizzicato without complaint.

I love you because you bite me. You enjoy my car and appreciate my efforts to sit on you. You appreciate my schooner to yourself and my aspiration toward harps.

I love hats,



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I love you because you bite me. That’s when I lost it and almost wet myself. he he

That’s really funny.

Comment by 4urpets

ahh yes, biting is a true sign of deep affection!
The sitting in front of the litter box did it for me!

Comment by PennyCat

I truely appreciate a lathargic listener……especially if they are plump!

Comment by ny hamptonite

That’s the hottest office romance I’ve ever spied on! Sounds like a real winner!
Cornfields of Friction: what a great title for a novel.

Comment by lavenderbay

You pounce the man that I am…

Love it.

Comment by Daisy

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