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mad lib thursday – call for words!
May 1, 2008, 3:47 am
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we do mad lab thursday because….i have found that frequently on thursdays…people are as bored at work as i am.

so when you have a free moment, give me the requested words, and on thursday, i will post the mad lib product.

we need:

7 verbs

7 nouns

7 adjectives

5 adverbs

2 girls names

2 boys names

2 locations

1 storage unit

1 method of transportation

thanks!  can’t wait to get the mad libs up!

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Verbs: run, dance, sleep, walk, drive, swim, sit
Nouns: hat, glass, shoes, dress, table, chair, car
Adjectives: hot, pretty, slow, dreary, misty, tall, deep
Adverbs: quickly, lethargically, loudly, hesitantly, breathleassly
Girls names: Carrie, Elizabeth
Boys names: Christopher, Walt
2 locations: beach, lake
Storage unit: box
Transportation: Bike

Comment by Daisy

thanks daisy! i’ll get the mad libs up sometime during the work day tomorrow!

Comment by goodbear

verbs: chase, catch, bite, jump, sit, read, play

nouns: dog, cat, desk, floor, wall, house, rug

adjectives: small, large, round, blue, kind, quiet, jolly

adverbs: boldly, patiently, never, really, obviously

girl names: Susan, Pam

boy names: David, Tom

locations: school, mall

storage unit: cubby

transportation: four-wheeler

Comment by Sharon

Yippee, I’m on time for once!

Verbs: wander, traipse, roam, gallivant, lick, handle, open (please supply suitable prepositions where needed)

Nouns: earth, porridge, marshmallow, harp, saxophone, drum kit, dry ice

Adjectives: wailing, climactic, powerful, smooth, inventive, tuneful, rhythmic

Adverbs: pianissimo, appassionata, a cappella, pizzicato, con spirito

Girl’s names: Cher, Celine

Boy’s names: Mick, Amadeus

Locations: Canberra, Kilkenny

Storage unit: duffle bag

Transportation mode: bus

Comment by lavenderbay

Verbs: pilfer, liberate, tweak
Adjectives: perilous, magical, sleek,
Noun: aspiration, schooner, smidgen, lasagna noodle
Adverb: uncompromiselingly
Names: Blowzanne, Rosanna
Places: Heaven, Corn field
Storage container: Tupperware

Comment by ny hamptonite

Morsel, pounce, ambush, sprawl, beloved and plump, dust bunny, behind my right ear, hmmmm, storage container????? ahh, litter box!!

Comment by PennyCat

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