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it’s just a tiny bump….right?
May 2, 2008, 6:11 am
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i noticed it wednesday night when cody bear and i got back from the firefighter shoot.  a tiny pink bump above his lip.  but today….

do you see it?  typically i would call my vet first thing in the morning and take an emergency appointment.  but, instead i will try to get a monday or tuesday appointment.  if it’s a bug bite(which i don’t think it is) it will be gone by then and i can cancel the appointment.  if there is something serious, a couple days won’t hurt. (it’s the new me!  i’m not freakin’!)

he’s eating great, and as you can see, he’s cheery as can be…

his appetite is so great, which is tough to begin with given his condition, and his energy level is off the charts!  three walks today and 2 long sessions of running like a lunatic through the back yard.

it is really sensitive to the touch, but not too much for him to give up on food. so glad about that!  also, i got my first mosquito bite of the season tonight…

meanwhile….here’s a picture of the buddha…


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I hope Cody’s booboo departs as mysteriously as it came. Maybe it was a night bug? You guys were out pretty early with the EMS, by the looks of the photos.
You’ve got there the Buddha of the future, when everyone will be well fed and happy. So he’s good for hoping. I had a red resin statue of Kwang Yin for a number of years. She’s the boddhisattva of wisdom and compassion, strong, beautiful, and a shape shifter — quite the woman!

Comment by lavenderbay

Don’t worry too much about the little bump yet. Trixie’s had several bumps for years in various spots and the vet says they’re nothing to worry about. Not long ago she had a little red bump like that under her tail, and the vet said it was a bug bite. Indeed it went away in a few days. All we had to do was put cortisone or something on it to keep it from itching.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Nice Buddha!

I’m sure the others are correct about the “bump.” Probably nothing to worry about. You are such a good owner.

Comment by S. Le

I see it…I hope it is just nothing.

Comment by Gina

Going out on a limb, one of my cats has had this before and the vet told me it was just a zit. Weird, but possible for the Bear as well.

Comment by forkboy

My pup has the same thing bump, around the same area. Did you ever find out what it was and did it go away on it’s own?

Comment by Candice

hi candice. it DID go away. it took a while, but it is gone. the doctor looked at the area and said it was totally normal now.

Comment by goodbear

it is dog acne.. it may come back.. my lab had just 1 bump like that.. it went away.. but overtime more and more showed up.. she probably had 6-12 pink bumps at one point that made me finally go to the vet.. he prescribed an antibiotic that cleared up the bumps in 2 days! YES DOG ACNE! weird.

Comment by chris

hi chris. thanks for the info and thanks for finding the blog. at least they have fur to hide the breakouts so they don’t get shy about it.

Comment by goodbear

okay, i just saw a bump just like that on my dog and i am extremely nervous. it is on her snout were her whiskers are. i’m not sure if this is just a common bug bite that’ will go away or a sign of something serious! if anyone has any idea what it is or could be please leave a comment. it is pretty small pinkish and sorta bubblely… if that makes sense!

Comment by jade

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