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reminding myself of happy-ish things….
May 2, 2008, 4:37 pm
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today, i think we’ll talk about happiness.  why?  because so far my day has been pretty crappy. i would like cogs to turn the other way.

(above cody bear demonstrates being happy with a rubber toy)

so, here, in no particular order, except the first two…

1. (a tie!) my dog and my cat

2. my friends

3. my family

4. coka cola, veggies from my friend’s farm, drinking beers with ruben and anna, going to dog school with cody, agility class, puppies, flannel sheets (even in the summer), “the office”, shooting stars, making up celebrity big brother rosters with leslie, unexpectedly encountering someone i know in a random place, riding my bike, my plants, taking photographs of smiling dogs, getting my photo credit in a publication, waking up without a stuffy nose,

interlude with dog picture…

happy things continued:

waking up after a big sleep, long walks with my dog when he does not see a cat, reading a blog that makes me laugh loudly at my desk, finding any amount of money in the pocket of something i haven’t worn in a while, limeade, orange scented hand lotion, holding a hot washcloth to my face and taking a deep sigh, cardinals and curved billed thrashers, bees, getting a comment from someone on my blog, bobcats, seeing a cat in a window, fresh salsa, getting out of work early, watching cody bear run h.o.p. through the back yard, raspberries, clean fluffy towels, new washing machines, sticky notes, my ipods, pig jokes, full moons,

oh, i guess that’s good enough for now…


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You have excellent taste in happy things 🙂

I hope your day improves — at least it’s Friday!

Comment by Laura

thanks laura!

Comment by goodbear

I like almost everything on your list too.

Comment by Gina

Now that you have listed all the happy things, aren’t you happier?

Comment by Kathryn

And now you just need to stitch them all together into a Sound of Music song — they’ll be easier to remember that way.

Comment by lavenderbay

And I thought I was the only one who liked limeade.

Comment by forkboy

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