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they’re myyyyy sleepy bees

my friend a told me that in the evening i could look in the flowers and see a bee settling down for a night’s sleep. i didn’t believe her, but she said yes, i could get up early and watch as the blossoms opened again, and there would be bees sleeping in there. “suuuuure” i said….”have another beeeeer” i thought.

i was taking pictures of blossoms tonight, and i was up close to one when all of a sudden, the anther started jiggling!

the honey bee was in there, getting comfy. he was crawling around deep inside the flower, finding just the right positioning before the petals enveloped him for the night.

i went from blossom to blossom, finding more sleepy bees. i don’t know what time they get up, what time the flowers open. i don’t know if i will remember to even look and to say “good morning honey bee.” (honey bee was one of loki’s dozens of nick-names!)

but the first gift was having a friend that told me about this crazy behavior. the next gift was being there with my camera when the bees hunkered down for the night.

i love my bees.


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I’ve always thought it would be a lot of fun to be a bee, flying around on a nice spring day from flower to flower, never knowing what may greet me around the corner. It must be even more fun getting to curl up for a good nights sleep snug inside a blossom. Thanks for the interesting info and the great photos to go along with it.

Comment by Hannah

That’s freaky! I never heard of such a thing. I’m tempted to make some pun about being happy that it wasn’t just that the anther was blowing in the wind, but I’m restraining myself.

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] they’re myyyyy sleepy bees […]

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That is totally bizarre. I had never heard of such a thing. Regardless, great snaps of the bees in the flowers. I’d try the same, but bees have a long history of disliking me (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stung in my life) so I tend to give them their room, but with a few exceptions photography-wise.

Comment by forkboy

Great Bee Shots!!!

Comment by ny hamptonite

I love bees too and that’s a great close up. I think I can see his eyes. I had no idea they did this!!!

Comment by Gina

cool pics of pollen covered bees!

Comment by Checkers

Wow, that was so interesting and told with pictures. A++++ as they say on eBay.

Comment by Susan Mix

thanks susan! and thanks for stopping by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

[…] If you look in your yard around sunset, you can find male bees bunkering down for the night. Some will be holding onto branches on a plant, or on grass like these guys, and others will sleep inside flowers. You can see a great photo of a male cactus bee getting ready for sleep here. […]

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[…] Another cool fact about these guys…they sleep inside of the flowers. How smart. Its a fluffy flower that closes up at night to protect them from environmental conditions. For more pictures of these bees getting ready for bed inside the flowers visit goodbears site. […]

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[…] i miss the bees.  buzzy and i were chatting today.  we’re so excited about this summer’s bee […]

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