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little miss muffet would have soiled her tuffet!
May 4, 2008, 12:48 am
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(pardon the picture quality, but l. doesn’t like spiders and was running pretty fast toward the door at the time. and all i had was my point n shoot)

so,….i heard some commotion a few moments before i was leaving the wildlife center today. “whatcha got there?” i ask….

“a baby wolf spider” she says.

baby!? BABY!!!???? its the size of a hostess cupcake! …almost

for the spring, we have a large number of empty cages. wait, i hear some rustling from the other side of the room. the native species are getting restless….

who put the burrowing owl in with the barn owl!? they have TOTALLY different schedules!!!


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What a great photo comic! The last one with the stuffed animals really caught me by surprise!

Comment by lavenderbay

If someone showed me that spider, I would have cussed them out, keyed all their cars as I ran screaming through the parking lot, and left never to return.

Comment by sparkychronicles

then i will do my best not to post any more spiders!

Comment by goodbear

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