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cnn headline jumble
May 5, 2008, 11:47 pm
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Here are the recent titles on cnn’s website….

Latest News

  • Laura Bush pushes Myanmar on cyclone aid
  • Polygamy roll lists 21 wives for 1 member
  • Denial of clemency paves way for execution
  • Ticker: Clinton goes negative in last-minute ad
  • Border-fence dispute snares rare jaguar
  • Secrets of horror cellar revealed
  • D.C. Madam: ‘There was no way out’
  • SI: Ronaldo ‘sorry’ over cross-dressing hookers
  • Martin: Wright will haunt conservative media
  • Glenn Beck: Obama’s odd timing on Wright
  • Boy mends shoes to support family of 9 VideoT-shirt
  • Say goodbye to Polaroid
  • Cops boost firepower to match outlaws VideoT-shirt
  • Firefighters save fellow marathoner VideoT-shirt
  • Students strip to skivvies before finals VideoT-shirt
  • CNN Wire: Latest updates on top stories

I’m going to mix them up and make better titles using the words from their latest news:

Laura bush polygamy snares rare jaguar

Obama’s odd border fence marathoner skivvies

Secrets of firepower shoes

cross-dressing hookers Say goodbye to horror cellar

Myanmar to support Clinton roll

Firefighters outlaws to match 21 wives revealed

Denial of 9 Polaroid Madam will haunt cops

Ronaldo ‘sorry’ over conservative boy


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I like yours better. And they’re decipherable, as opposed to most headlines.

Comment by lavenderbay

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