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kick then chew slowly for best results!
May 5, 2008, 10:49 pm
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so we haven’t talked about cody bear’s gastroparesis in a while, have we?…

NO! because i think this is the longest he has ever gone without barfing! i’m so proud of my little guy. (if you’re lost, check out the gastroparesis posts by clicking on that word in the tag cloud to the left)

with such healthy food, switching the meds (reglan) from 15 to 30 minutes before eating, and the stress relief work the dog is working on, this is the longest he has gone without being sick! almost 5 months i think!!!

some notes:

it still sucks when people cuddle him and always feel the need to mention how skinny he is, as if i’m starving him or something. but i think i’m learning that they’re not accusing me of not feeding him, they’re just surprised because he is so fluffy and that when they pet him they can feel his ribs and back bone.

because the stomach struggles to digest, cody bear has been getting 3 or four small meals a day. he eats them very slowly….

feeding him with the molecuball insures that he will eat slowly and actually chew the bites of kibble. plus…he’s so cute when he does it!

also, he is pretty much allowed to eat as many treats as he wants. they just have to be made of really healthy ingredients and nothing full of preservatives like snausages and such. no chews or bones either.

and, the higher the fat, the better, as far as i’m concerned. fewer ingredients sit better in his stomach, too.

also, i try really hard to walk him before meals, not after. i don’t want the food in his belly making him cranky if we encounter a barking or scary dog.

i know the gastroparesis is still there, but it is nice to be controlling it.


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Trixie is also remarkably skinny under all her puffy fur. When she gets wet, she’s pretty pathetic looking.

Comment by jamesviscosi

pathetic is the world we use for cb, too!

Comment by goodbear

Congratulations on being able to give the paper towels a rest for a while!

Comment by lavenderbay

I love hearing as well as seeing cody bear crunch his food. I am glad he has been doing ok for so long!

Comment by Checkers

Great on Cody Bear being better for so long! He is so cute with his molecuball!!

Comment by Gina

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