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yummy bugs, limeaide and the hardworking kidneys of a mutt…
May 5, 2008, 6:20 am
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warning: if you HATE bugs, read no further. no gross pictures though.

okie dokie. got the warning out of the way. scene: it is sunday at four p.m. 2 of my girl friends, a and m, arrive with beer, specimen bags and a canon digital rebel. when 3 lovely ladies get together on a sunday night the topics include: jerky coworkers, puppies, boy friend’s parents (the irritating variety), global warming, absent minded professors and….bugs.

big ones, bugs with large mandibles and ….bugs that taste like cinnamon.

it started with the cinnamon bugs. pentatomids. “they do NOT taste like cinnamon” i demanded. well, they agreed, essentially it depends on their diets. apparently they can taste like orange or melon, too. and….apparently you can use them to flavor your food. “why wouldn’t you just use cinnamon?” i asked….naturally.

anyway, we 3 crazy chics hop on line to look at camel spiders, jewel beetles and search for the largest arachnids and insects.

earlier that evening we looked for more sleeping bees and filled the baggies with ….diseased plants, of which i have a few. no worries, i mostly have healthy ones!

rest assured, during all of this cody bear did work the room. he took turns sleeping at each of our feet or next to us on the couch for routine cuddling.

“excuse me…. BUGS?”

what else happened today? started the day with recall class for cody bear. great fun! (mental note: its already flea and tick season!)

my best pal stopped by and FORGOT THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC about dogs….AGAIN! that’s ok. we discussed getting the trek’s breaks fixed over limeade.

later i met with my landlord. he’s so great! he is going to put a new fence up and lighting to protect me from the mentally deficient thief and snoop! annnnd….he wanted to confirm that if i get a new dog for more protection….that i adopt from a shelter!

all this took sooo long, i didn’t have any time to get work on a site done or do any house work. bummer. behind again. but still,….its good to have good friends.

also, a side note: a. is mindy’s mom. mindy is home. she got home yesterday after 5 days in icu. it looks like she will make it! but, she is still very down and will be on meds for a while and a special diet and special care the rest of her life. the kidney damage was great, but….being feisty and having peope/parents/personal assistants to visit her morning and night in the i.c.u. have helped her pull through.

so, i’m sure her dog ‘rents would thank you, so i will for them: thanks for the well wishes for her pet food ailment recovery!

i’ll close by saying that i’m not as tough as the other ladies…my head itches at some of the bug chatter. i might get up early to give cody bear his frontline treatment and do a sweep for spiders.

night night.


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Yay for Mindy! I am so happy she made it. Tell her that ol’ Checkers is relieved.

Comment by Checkers

I’m so glad Mindy has pulled through! Good vibes going out to her.

Cinnamon-flavoured insects, eh? This is ground-breaking stuff! You’ll be spearheading the next wave of buying local!

Comment by lavenderbay

Interesting about the flavored bugs. I was unaware…I know that ladybugs taste like a$$, but no cinnamon.
Great shot of the pup!
And of course, all good energy being sent to Mindy. Puppy ICU bites…

Comment by elizabethews

“…my head itches at some of the bug chatter. i might get up early to give cody bear his frontline treatment and do a sweep for spiders.”

Sounds like an excellent idea!

Comment by S. Le

So glad Mindy is going to make it!!! Cody Bear looks sweet and submissive in that shot.

Comment by Gina

[…] but it is a cute bug, so worry not!  this is the friendly and flavorful pentatomid we spoke of here and […]

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