cody bear's friends

playing fetch while the presidential fate is determined elsewhere…
May 6, 2008, 4:30 pm
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here’s my sidekick now, as we start a short game of fetch before work this morning.

you can see why he makes me so happy, with those little bouncy ears. i chucked the toy in the weeds and he was not happy about it. he usually could care less. he was having a hard time concentrating because the neighborhood cats have been messin’ with him. they lay down about 5 feet beyond the fence and just STARE at him. it drives him bonkers!

is anyone else having problems with youtube videos on here? after a few hours the post says “this video is unavailable” but it….isn’t. it’s still live on youtube!

anyway….here i am at work now. missing my dog, wondering who will win the indiana and n.c. democratic primaries. this whole thing is going on FOREVER. i want my new president already. i’m starting to not care who it is, as long as they can pronounce nuclear correctly.


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Wow, you have a great back yard! I wish mine was fenced.

Comment by Checkers

Oliver is also envious of Cody Bear’s fence.

I’m with you on the presidential election — I hope the people in Indiana and North Carolina get us out of this mess, not that I really have my hopes up much 🙂

Comment by Laura

There seems to be a glitch re YouTube. I had two videos yesterday claim to be unavailable, but at least one is there again now.
It took me a moment to realize what was so magical about Cody’s game of fetch: he’s not barking! Cai must be the reincarnation of a soccer fan or something.
Who shows up at your birdbath?

Comment by lavenderbay

that’s funny, because i wouldn’t call our games of fetch magical! but no, he doesn’t bark. usually he’s quite a bit more excited, but the cats. oh the cats. they were lurking…

Comment by goodbear

What a happy Cody Bear. Those wagging ears and tail are so cute. A cat gets on the fence in the backyard and teases Tuffy all the time. Mandy doesn’t really care any more (too old). You can find out about my scare with Tuffy here.

Comment by Gina

You mean it’s not pronounced “nukular”?

Comment by jamesviscosi

Ha! Before I read your text below the video, the first thing I did is squeal in delight and proclaim out loud: “Yes! Bouncy ears!” And then you called them the same thing.

Every square millimeter of Cody is adorable. I’ve never seen a more awesome dog.

Comment by sparkychronicles

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