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if you’ve ever loved a dog….
May 7, 2008, 2:42 pm
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oh my gosh! i went to my friends after work and shot pictures of mindy and her family for hours!  i have hundreds of pictures of them!

r & a are amazing. they love their dogs so much.  and you can see how much they love each other in their pictures, too.

please continue to keep them all in your thoughts.  it is a really hard time for them right now, you see, the doctors determined that the ongoing treatment was what was keeping mindy alive.  they sent her home to be with her family for a couple days, but they will have to take her back when she starts failing.  oh god that is so hard to type.

it is better she spend time with her family now, so r & a cleared their schedules and are staying home with their family for the week.

it took hours to go through all the photos.  late into the night.  cody bear finally gave up on me, until i turned around in my chair to look at him…

remember his not-so-super super power?  the one where he senses someone is looking at him and exposes his belly for rubbing?  his senses are becoming even more heightened now!


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R & A, Mindy and family. You are in our thoughts. We admire your courage and your love for your fourlegged family.

Comment by ny hamptonite

What a beautiful family! I love the pic of Codybear too! What a cute tummy, you just gotta rub it!

Comment by Lissa

thanks for visiting the blog hamtonite and lissa!

Comment by goodbear

The belly is a beacon for rubs. “Psst, I’m waiting…” says the belly beacon!

Comment by Checkers

Thoughts x10 for Mindy and her family.

Comment by Checkers

What lovely pictures and what a sad story. Mindy and her family are very brave.

Comment by Laura

What a great picture of bark love. They’ll be in my thoughts. I couldn’t help but rub Cody’s tummy if I was there. That’s an invitation I couldn’t refuse. My brother’s Rott/Lab mix Bear does that. Adorable.

Comment by Gina

That’s a very rough thing. I’m dreading when we get to that point with Trouble. We’ll keep them in our thoughts here.

P.S.: Trixie does the same thing as Cody Bear when she wants a belly rub.

Comment by jamesviscosi

I’m sorry to hear that things are that bad with Mindy. R and A will be thankful for all the photos you took. Our thoughts are with them.

Comment by lavenderbay

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