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mad lib thursday! words please….
May 7, 2008, 11:19 pm
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hi everyone!  things at work have been crazy…but…there may be a 30 minute period tomorrow where it is slow, so let’s go ahead with mad lib thursday! (just don’t get mad if it takes me longer to post them)

if you’re new to mad lib thursday, here’s how the hedgehogs play down.  excuse me, i mean here’s how the shit plays out.  see??? its starting already….

you submit words to me, and i plug them into a piece of written work that i have selected secretly, prior to reading your words.  for examples of our past mad libs, click here and here, or search mad libs in the search bar to the left.

we need from each of you:

8 nouns

8 verbs

6 adjectives

5 adverbs

1 girls name

1 boys name

2 locations

1 vessel/container

and NEW: 1 wild card. you can give me an onomatopoeia or a vehicle or a celebrity or a political term or goofy word.  anything, lets just keep it clean…

see you tomorrow for MAD LIB THURSDAY!!!


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Okay, we wanna play! Mom Bean is gonna hep with the typing. Raccoon, woodpecker, cat, fish, tuna, eating, jumped, leaped, eated, napped, sleeping, Inverness, bed, Wilber, fatty, furry, smelly (haha) gooey. (Claire was worried that these has to be in order cuz Mom Bean is still drinking coffee, it early!)
PS thanks for comment on my cat pictures.
We appreaciate any catdoos we can get.
Maggie,Mindy,Gizmo,Gidget,Buffy and Claire

Comment by the6catsofinverness

ham sandwich x 8
make x 8
huge x 6
quickly x 5
owner’s wife
kitchen x 2
dog dish
swiss cheese

Comment by Checkers

Where did the week go??? Here’s a list from the here-and-now (Cai has a friend over for the day) .

8 nouns: papasan, molar, rubber dinosaur, coffee pot, mirror, kitchen chair, bell, map

8 verbs: chew, watch, lick, lie, bark, pant, itch, wag

6 adjectives: dusty, sweet, content, sleepy, playful, quiet

5 adverbs: gaily, thoughtfully, insistently, gently, constantly

1 boy’s name: Cai

1 girl’s name: Julie

2 locations: on the floor, on the throw rug

1 vessel/container: The Queen E II (okay, that one isn’t in my apartment!)

wild card — onomatopoeia: slish (slished/slishing)

Comment by lavenderbay

food bowl, hairball, wisker, nakedness, furlessness, dandilion, hummingbird

Shave, humiliate, barf, bushwhack

Names: Earl the Barber and Ismarelda

Container: Dumpster

Comment by PennyCat

Shoot, forgot my locations……from cousin Spree, on-the-toilet, and in-the-sink

Comment by PennyCat

oh pennycat, you know how to make me laugh with your spree locations!

thanks for the words everyone! i’ll get on it when things slow down at work today!

Comment by goodbear

wild card: supracalafragaliousexpialadocious (did I spell that right?)

Comment by PennyCat

Nouns – suit, street, shoes, glass, spoon, rock, computer, car

Verbs – running, crawl, jump, gesticulate, speak, write, opine, work

Adjectives – purple, tight, silver, rough, happy, translucent

Adverbs – wildly, sloppily, clearly, slowly, loudly

Names – Hannah, Mike

Places – Tunisia, Toronto

Vessel – box

Wild card – exsanguinate

Comment by Hannah

results have been posted!

Comment by goodbear

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