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wordless wednesday – mindy at the doggie door


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Ah, sweet freedom!

Comment by SandyCarlson

I ADORE this photo.

Comment by cindymcfarland

thanks! i have another picture of her at

Comment by goodbear

Thats a cute dog,Im sure not all feel that way some people treat there pets like is there own

Comment by yarisplatforms

thanks for your comment on my blog, You have some great pictures up, as well. I’d love to feature your favorites on my site! Fauna is welcomed (and I happen to love dogs). Check the About page on my site for how to submit a photo.


Comment by gorgeousearth

Is this post-ICU Mindy? I like your use of symbolism if it is, with her emerging from that black door into the light of day.

Comment by lavenderbay

yes, that’s her. she’s really tired!

Comment by goodbear

She looks tired. But she has a sweet face!

Comment by TheAgedCat

a really great photo!

Comment by henri hopper

I can’t even express how much I love this photo!

Comment by terrahblue

thanks hh and terra. she’s a special girl and so photogenic.

Comment by goodbear

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