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May 9, 2008, 6:49 am
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an update….not much to say, so i will take the boring details of my day and pretend they’re exciting.

we had a visitor stop by my house today, and while i was showing her my back yard, see spotted from about twenty feet away….a very rare night blooming plant growing through the branches of one of my run of the mill trees. how exciting. i shall have to keep a better watch on it.

i got a mother’s day card from my dog in the mail today. one from my cat a few days ago. neither of them work….so they should have partnered up and got a “from the both of us” card.

as you know i just took up photography. well, today, for the first time, i uploaded 2 to a professional photo processing company and am getting them actually printed. i think they’re suitable for framing!

yesterday dominique was sent packing on america’s next top model. fine. how did she even get on the show to begin with.

so, those are the random and boring updates. truthfully, i just wanted to put tonight’s picture of cody bear on line. i just brushed him, so he’s extra soft and fluffy.

oh! duh!  i almost forgot this really titillating detail:  i got my new copy of bark magazine today!

…time for conan o’brien. night night.


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That looks like a pretty good dog, i’m impressed that he remembered mothers day.


Comment by theroadnow

Is the rare plant an epiphyte, i.e. is it growing on the tree? Guess you’d need a pretty good ladder to photograph it if it’s twenty feet up…

I can’t believe you only just took up photography! You’re a natural!

Comment by lavenderbay

cody bear is such a handsome boy. Brushing only makes his handsomeness even more handsomer.

Comment by Checkers

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