cody bear's friends

the great outdoors, as seen by cody bear and checkers!
May 9, 2008, 5:11 pm
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dogs are very smart, especially corgis and mandarin collies.  as you will soon see, checkers and cody bear  have great problem solving abilities and natural survival skills.  to “ruff” it, so to speak…

after recovering from their trip to la casa blanca, they decided it was time to expand their life experience, challenge their mettle, conquer the great outdoors.  i was honored to be invited along, …until i realized ….they were only using me to put the tent up!….

…. and to open their canned goods and build a fire.

here’s what they already knew about camping:

the outdoors is pretty and wildly dangerous, there are bears, no electricity, lots of trees, trail mix is often involved, and …. you are required to eat warm, mushy marshmallows.

here’s what they learned:

melty marshmallows stick to paws and face fur. when you REALLY REALLY have to go to the bathroom in a hurry and you don’t have thumbs….it is darn near impossible to unzip the tent flap.  get claws trimmed before camping, so as not to pop air mattress.  when packing for camping trip, don’t choose the squeaky dog toy over the compass or snow shoes.

they truly discovered why people find camping so amazing.  there are soooo many trees to pee on, soooo many squirrels to chase.  there are no garbage men around and you get to leave the stress of the big city behind.

checkers did admit, however, that it was tough being away from his blog for so long.

ultimately, they sent me packing.   checkers isn’t used to my snoring, so i got kicked out of the tent and was forced to hike through the wilderness the entire lonely 25 feet back to my bedroom.

well, that’s it for the latest “on the road with cody bear and checkers.” i sure hope they invite me along again.  everything is more enjoyable with a dog, especially these two!

well, i better get back to picking the burrs out of cody bear’s furry gaucho pants…


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My owner is rolling on the floor laughing. He says, “so that’s marshmallows in your fur!” What a fabulous fun time we had. My first can of Spam ever! Too bad we had to give the other 286 cans to the bears so they would leave us alone. Sorry about sending you packing. I was afraid we would not hear elephants creeping up on us with the snoring and all. Thanks for all the help with the tent!

Comment by Checkers

Cody Bear & Checkers…Maggie is very excited and wants to go camping. She would like to experience the holy grail of squirrel chasing and marshmallow eating.

Comment by Anna&thePack

it was amazing that checkers juice phone worked all the way in the wilderness/backyard.
we should take maggie camping. she’s very sweet and might be able to talk the bear down from their heightened food frenzy.

Comment by goodbear

What, No barbecue, no venison speedies!!

Comment by PennyCat

Did they use a Pup tent!?

Comment by ny hamptonite

I just posted my first video…

Comment by Checkers

Camping! Wow you two are so brave!

Comment by Rusty

This is great!

Comment by S. Le

LOL! THat is cute. I would be Cody bear and Checkers would like to visit Daisys blog!

Comment by canyon cottage

Fun-ny! Including the comments!

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] about their previous trips here, here, here and here) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Boycotting the Beijing […]

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