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May 10, 2008, 6:47 am
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so a moth got in some how.  penetrated our critter free fortress.  this vexes the cat, who decides the ironing board is the best vantage point to track the interloper and launch an attack.

i’ll skip the many picks where she scopes the moth, gets angry with me for ruining her attack, or embarrasses herself with some fake lioness posing.

ultimately…she doesn’t get tired of moth scoping, but rather, she feigns exhaustion to get me to leave.

fine kitty. but i will wake up in the morning and curse you for hairing the ironing board.  and the moth will still be flitting around, taunting you and eating my clothes.  sleep well.


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Yep, they love to play with the moths! And they are good at feigning!

Comment by Rusty

I would have loved to see that lioness pose. I am thinking of getting a cat, but I don’t know how the dogs would react.

When you getting your puppy?

Comment by 4urpets

So alert! That’s just what Pooh Bear used to do when we would get moths or crane flies in the house.

Comment by jamesviscosi

My cats constantly chase moths, even the invisible, imaginary ones! The second picture is the typical pose they take whislt waiting for the moth to reappear.

Comment by S. Le

I know your cat’s obsession (I think). I like to try to catch bees in my mouth when they buzz by my head, whether indoors or out. Haven’t caught one yet…

Comment by Checkers

In my part of the country we vex over spiders, but I become bored easily and leave them for mom to step on with her barefoot!

Comment by PennyCat

To My Wonderful Mom on Mothers Day

A Poem from her BurgerBun Cody

She is awakened at early dawn
A wet nose pressed against her face.
She rises, weary, yawning
Pads her way to the door.
The coolness of the morning
Air light upon her face.
We start her day,
She smiles at my bark,
My circle, my dash.
She delights in my bounding fur,
My well worn path,
Bouncing, twirling,
Now she is laughing out loud.

A streak of my joy,
A burst of my encouragement,
I give her my lick of affection.

Blessed by God,
This dog smiles
For He brought us together,
This dog and his Mother!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!
Love Cody Bear

Comment by goodbear

Aww… and Cody Bear has excellent capitalization skills, too. Happy Mother’s Day, Goodbear, to you and your little ones!

Comment by lavenderbay

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