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flu and flew(yes…past tense of fly, so be warned)
May 11, 2008, 7:43 am
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i was down for the count today. woke up with some flu thing. i was feeling better this afternoon, but that was short lived. and i’m so thirsty!

but, that didn’t stop the blogging muse from leading me to a topic. some of you may not like this one:

i went to drop off the pictures to r and a from their “shoot” with the dogs. we got to chatting. 2 topics came up: 1. they’re getting married! wonderful news! 2. bees.

and bees let to a bringing out her bug trays!

not too bad. who doesn’t love a butterfly, right? and don’t most people learn to love moths eventually, as well?

but then…

for the love of all that’s holy!

that big ass beetle, the one who looks like a death machine from a milla jovovich movie? that’s the palo verde beetle. some of you may remember the story of my cat befriending the one who was trying to assassinate me last summer….only that one was twice the size of this dead guy.

moving on…

yes, that is a hissing cockroach.

let’s cleanse our visual pallet with a butterfly…

and here’s hoju, howling…

you can catch more of him on my photoblog,

so, i didn’t stay long. and now i’m blogging because i can’t sleep since i don’t feel well. not to complain. just mentioning why i’m up is all…..


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I hope you feel better soon, Goodbear!
And wow, your friends have quite a collection there. (I hope you didn’t tell them you have a blogfriend who’s into spider porn — I don’t need that kind of libel goin’ down just now…)

Comment by lavenderbay

Yep – get to feeling better quickly!

Comment by forkboy

Wow, cool bugs! They look tasty. My owner says that when he lived in AZ there were bugs so big that you could see them crossing the road from a half mile away!

Comment by Checkers

Are you feeling better now?

Comment by Checkers

yes, thanks for asking! saturday and sunday were crummy, but i feel fine today!
thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Comment by goodbear

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