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mindy update!
May 13, 2008, 11:23 pm
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hi everyone!  a couple of you have inquired as to how mindy is fairing after her bout with the tainted chicken strips.  well, i hadn’t posted in a while because the developments….well, there WERE developments.  and i didn’t want to raise anyone’s hopes or post about something sad until things were definite. that being said, nothing is definite, but here’s the update anyway!!

that was mindy last tuesday. that monday they left the vet distraught.  her kidneys were dieing and she wasn’t going to improve, according to the vet.  the vet recommended they euthanize mindy.  r and a asked if they could bring her home for a couple days to be with family.  “sure” the vet says, and advises them to return when she begins to fail to put her to sleep before the suffering starts.

tuesday and wednesday she wasn’t eating.  turns out the pills they gave her for blood pressure take the appetite away, so they stopped the meds.  afterall, her prognosis was bad, but at least she could eat now.  well, mindy’s parents are very intelligent and investigative people.  that’s how they found the chicken strip connection to begin with.  they found that some dogs survive kidney disease with holistic treatments so they made an appointment at a different vet. (the same office where cody bear goes!) a had seen how mindy WANTED to eat.  she WANTED to wag and play.  she clearly didn’t want to give up and die.  (and some dogs do after a long illness) she wanted to fight and stay with her family!

the new dr fit her in the day she called and they gave them some hope.  it has now been a week since she was given “a couple days” to live and here is a’s quote from earlier today:

“I have been inventing foods like crazy so Mindy can eat. Today when we got back from the field at 8:30am she was really happy and doing her smiling gig at us
=) That made the rest of the day for me. I also got her to eat oatmeal with a little peanut butter blended in with it. I am hopeful. Hope the rest of your day goes well!”

they have found some beef liver treats she loves and she has been eating fajita strips quite well, too, but they know they need to work on getting her a nice stable diet.

thursday is another appointment and i’m going with them.  i will have TONS to tell you because the alternative treatments they use are ….trippy.  when a called me friday and explained the first appointment, the things she said completely blew my noodle!  and i’ve been going to the same vet for years and haven’t had the chance to see this stuff.

i do hope that when all is said and done, there will be a happy, healthy mindy.  she is not out of the woods yet, but she has two loving parents who will do anything to keep her strong, happy and comfortable.

last wednesday night they were resigned to taking her in to put her to sleep the next day, but seeing her renewed interest in food and interaction after quitting the meds, they perked up and did research and tried new things.  this might work guys.  this might work.

so, i know many of you have checked here regularly and logged off with positive thoughts aimed at this sweet little mutt.  thanks so much from me, and i’m sure from r and a.  please do keep up your thoughts and prayers and vibes that miss mindikins continues to stay positive and that her new doctor will continue to make progress.

i’ll keep you posted!

(also, i’m not done…. tonight i am going to update you on the actual product that made her sick and the company’s reaction to this specific situation and my reaction to the industry and some stuff along those lines….)


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I was wondering what the chicken strips were. Were they treats or ..?

Comment by orangejuice100

hi orangejuice. thanks for stopping by and inquiring. i mentioned the strips in an earlier post here, but they are costco chicken jerky dog treats, distributed by kingdom pets.
please come back later tonight or tomorrow, because i will specifically be talking about chicken strips from china.
thanks for visiting the blog.

Comment by goodbear

Somehow I missed the original post about Mindy (but I have since read it). First, I’m so happy that Mindy’s parents decided to hold off a bit. From very recent personal experience, sometimes it’s good to just wait a little. I’m glad that Mindy is doing better and I will continue to send her good thoughts. I’ll definitely come back to check out the details of the chicken strips. We don’t have any chicken treats currently, but I certainly want to stay informed! Thank you! On a related note – I love that they gave her peanut butter – besides boosting her protien, I’m a firm believer that peanut butter is a secret cure for dogs. 🙂 When Alex had Lyme disease she had a peanut butter sandwich (with pills in it) every day, twice a day. I am confident that the prospect of peanut butter on a regular basis helped improve her attitude! Anyway…enough rambling. My best to Mindy!

Comment by elizabethews

Warm thoughts going out to Mindy and her family!

Comment by lavenderbay

We’re pulling for you, Mindy!

Comment by Checkers

She looks like such a sweetie. Glad she’s doing better.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Oh what wonderful news!!! I’m so glad she is some better.

Comment by Gina

That’s terrific! Yay Mindy!

Comment by TheAgedCat

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