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tiny bubbles evil and a wee bit of nostalgia
May 13, 2008, 5:40 am
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i have to say….it was a kind of weird day. yes it was.

as i mentioned, i had a touch of the flu this weekend, but i was feeling fine today, until…..

until 2:30 ish.  i’m in the truck running a work errand.  all of a sudden, without cause, without warning, i start…burping.  and not an occasional burp, but a string of perpetual, unwanted belches.

now, i’m not a burper. in college, when all the girls on the first floor of my dormitory were out-belching each other freshman year, i couldn’t even fake a hiccup.  today i burped more in a 4 hour period than i ever have in my entiiiiire life.

i ended up having to go home early and purchase a pack of….gas-x.   WHO HAVE I BECOME!?

but then the day got better.  on a crazy crazy whim i went to the used bookstore and bought an old box of PICTIONARY!  i’m so excited!  i haven’t played in probably 20 years.  i’m so excited!

then of course there was cody bear.  he had three nice walks today.  and the batteries in his pet blinker died(piece of crap! i just changed the batteries last night!)  but we had fun anyway.  here he is after his second walk:

i think he looks happy. content.  ADORABLE!  i am going to make a vet appointment for him.  that bump on the lip has shrunk, but i still worry….

the burping has stopped, thanks to the embarrassing lozenges, a very benign meal and 3 cans of ginger ale.  salut!


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Must be all those fatty hamburgers and ribs and oxtail soup, they’re pretty hard on the gall bla– oh, wait, you’re vegan. No more Rice Dream for you, young lady! 🙂

Comment by lavenderbay

He looks like a giant happy stuffed animal!

Comment by jamesviscosi

cody bear always seems happy. And that’s the way it should be.

Comment by Checkers

Cody Bear doesn’t look like he has burping problems.

Comment by 4urpets

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