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what the….? another weird blog thing
May 13, 2008, 7:00 pm
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so, i don’t get many hits to either of my blogs, compared to other blogs.  typically i get very VERY few hits to dog daily photo.  around 30 to 60.  but last week i had three days in a row that were around 100. “odd” i thought.

then back down to a few hits. THENNNNN, on monday i had THIS POST!  a picture of cody bear jumping….and it got 309 hits.  please tell me why…someone…please.  i don’t get it.  and now my stats page is so depressing because the graphic, even if i get like 50 hits, will look like one or 2 people stopped by the blog every day now.  because of the HUGE 309.  i realize 300 hits isn’t alot of hits, but it was so weird for my little blog to get that many.  and i think its a glitch and a mistake because hardly anyone left comments and the referrers numbers don’t come near totally that.  any ideas?

i have never gotten that many hits with both blogs combined in a day, so it has to be a mistake!  i mean, sure, cody bear is cute and all. and he was REALLY up there, but sheesh.


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Stats make no sense to me either. You may have had lots of lurkers, too shy to say hi. Your site is worthy of 300+ hits if you ask me!

Comment by Checkers

awww, thanks checkers!

Comment by goodbear

300 hits? Wo-o-o-ow!!!!!

My best day so far has been 111 hits. My worst has been 2. The pieces I’m proudest of don’t necessarily get a lot of hits. Days with high hit numbers often have no comments, and comment-ful days have average hit numbers. Oh yeah, I consider it a decent day if I get between 20 and 40. I’ve had more days hovering around 50 lately, but not every day. So, like, shrug, eh?

I love and cherish my “klatsch” of blogfriends, and would rather have their/your comments than 300 silent hits any day. (But don’t worry, winked the fox, she would still somehow manage to graciously accept two gross of hits. )

Comment by lavenderbay

BTW, in answer to the flying Cody question, it’s not every photo that captures pure, sheer, unadulterated, four-feet-in-the-air, puppydog joy. Just so’s ya know.

Comment by lavenderbay

You never know what’s going to cause a spike in hits. My had its biggest day when it was mentioned on a Linux podcast, and dennisthevizsla had its biggest day when Rocket posted Tucker’s symptoms video to the vizsla lists. That said, how could anyone not want to look at Cody Bear? He’s the cutest fluffy teddy bear ever!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Oh, also, I don’t know if RSS subscription views get counted as hits. I found that I couldn’t keep up with the blogs anymore, so I subscribed to all of them all and now I read each new post in Thunderbird.

Comment by jamesviscosi

Some days I get hardly any hits and some days it reaches 200. I have so many more lurkers than commenters. 😦

Comment by Gina

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