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mad lib words needed, folks!
May 14, 2008, 7:52 pm
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i’ve been asked when words can be turned in, so send ’em in!

if you’re new to mad lib thursday, i gather words from you guys in the comments of this post, then thursday, while my boss isn’t looking, i log onto wordpress and do the mad libs.  here are some good ones from the past: here, here and here

so we will need:

8 nouns

7 verbs

6 adjectives

6 adverbs

1 location

1 container

1 girls name

1 boys name

1 wild card – any word of any type you want

thanks!  see you back here tomorrow!


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Nouns: Animal Magnatism, Claw, Furball, Pink Belly, dingleberry, litter pan, kitty lips,
Verbs: Cogitate, Charm, Protrude, feasting
Adjectives: hangydown, full figured, big boned
Names: Pen-Pen, Kittygirl
Location: throw rug (from Cousin spree)
Container: bathtub (from Cousin spree)
Wild Card: Kittilious

Comment by PennyCat

Nouns:Brassiere, totem pole, clothesline, sneaky snake, tractor, dust bunny, proponent
Verbs: Sneer, Crop, wheedle, stub, snuff out
Adjectives: Bogus, resplendent,
Adverb: Languorously, precariously
Location: On my tractor
Container: Vodka bottle
Girls Name: Bianca
Boys Name: Ponce DeLeon
Wild Card: Wet Noodle

Comment by ny hamptonite

8 nouns: violin, metronome, decanter, sideboard, fur seal, burglar alarm, candlestick, bust.
7 verbs: mew, pace, enter, exit, purr, rub, nibble
6 adjectives: chubby, skinny, grey, shorthair, green-eyed, friendly
6 adverbs: langorously, hesitantly, on tiptoe,sedately, afar, afterwards
1 location: on the dining room table
1 container: ewer
1 girl’s name: Annie
1 boy’s name: Dusty
1 wild card: sotto voce

Comment by lavenderbay

Nouns – book, kite, license, table, painting, basket, refrigerator, roof

Verbs – pick, sit, flail, insert, extract, comprehend, open

adjectives – flat, cold, uneven, bright, prized, clean

Adverbs – quickly, inherently, slowly, perfectly, intensely, deliberately

Location – Zanzibar

Container – graduated cylinder

Girls name – Hazel

Boys name – Bob

Wild card – Roman

Comment by Hannah

I love this~will have to come back and read-I was wanting to start a Mad Libs Monday meme. I’ll be back to participate sometime!

Comment by Mercedes

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