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regarding mindy, dog treats, china and the american manufacturing monster
May 14, 2008, 3:41 am
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So welcome to my least wordless Wednesday ever! That’s because I’m talking about…chicken stips! The toxic kind. I know you guys like short posts, but if you have dogs, please read this whole post.

Many of you have been following the news of Mindy, my friends’ dog who is battling kidney failure. )You can read past posts by typing in Mindy in my search bar to the left).

As I mentioned earlier, she’s holding steady, but I was going to post tonight, not about her, but the chicken strips and the pet food recall in general.

I won’t rehash the history, but to sum up, where we stand now there is a problem with the pet food our dogs are getting, which may be indicative of more. So here are some facts.

* mindy has gotten kidney failure.

* her two food sources are blue buffalo dog food, an all natural, made in America dog food with NO complaints against it, and the Costco chicken strip dog treat distributed by kingdom pets.

* there are multiple complaints of the chicken strips causing kidney failure on line.

* there is already an existing history of dangerous pet products from ingredients from china.

* I’m not Chinese, nor am I un-American.

Here’s what is happening. There are American corporations manufacturing these products in China using Chinese materials and the Chinese workforce. And they’re saving money. Not only are they endangering our pets, but we’ve seen horrible evidence of children’s toys with lead. We all blame the Chinese, but let’s remember that these are American plants with plant managers who have gone there to save money. These American companies w

BACK TO THE TREATS! Tonight I went shopping at Trader Joe’s. They appeared to discontinue their chicken strips months ago, but I saw some on the shelf today. (I go weekly) I approached the manager with doubt, as I will mention another experience next. I said, “You may not care, but these chicken strips are made in china and I have a friend whose dog is dieing because of pet treats manufactured in china. Will you please consider taking these off the shelves?”

The manager looks at me, totally serious, and says, “Absolutely. We are phasing out every product from China. These shouldn’t be on the shelves.” It was that easy.

THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. Take the product to the manager and ask them to stop selling them.

Granted, it doesn’t always go so well. I went to Wild Oats, where people trust their food is healthy. I approached the manager and she said she would talk to the district manager. I asked her to take my number but she wasn’t interested.

But don’t let that discourage you. People trust that pet foods being sold now are safe; that since the recall is over the danger is gone. And we trust that these health food stores all know the ingredients, but they don’t. and they may not care.

Back to Mindy. Costco AND Kingdom Pet contacted my friend R. when the word got out to them that several hundred shelter volunteers were informed not to by treats at Costco. At first they treated r like he was just confused and there wasn’t a problem. “no one has ever complained before” then he learned r had a Ph. D. in biology and next thing you know….the manufacturer is calling. When R asked what the “seasonings” were…she couldn’t tell him. She said sodium. Sodium chloride, which is salt, or sodium nitrate, which damages kidneys? She couldn’t tell him.

I guess you’ve stopped reading by now, but if you’re still reading, you’re concerned about your pet’s diet. So thanks for reading. More later.

More fluffy positive blogs, too!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and concern. It’s so appreciated!


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Thanks for helping to keep all us four-footed friends safe, goodbear! Excellent post.

Comment by Checkers

It’s not just pet treats from China that are contaminated. (Google “china” and “heparin”, for instance. Or just click here.) We’re now avoiding anything from China that ends up in or touches anything that ends up in our bodies or our pets’ bodies.

Comment by jamesviscosi

A couple of years ago, when E.g. was seeing a dietician, she was warned that “seasoning” can include MSG (at least here in Canada). We shouldn’t have to have PhDs in biology to go grocery shopping!
How excellent of your educated friends to put the word out to the shelter volunteers and that they’re now boycotting the Big Box. Petitions might help, but I bet the most legible ink is usually red.

Comment by lavenderbay

james, we were talking about that. we do what we can. me and my friends are doing our best to eat locally grown. it’s hard to be safe, but it’s harder to watch a sick pet.

Comment by goodbear

Not what I expected the manager to say…GOOD!

Comment by Gina

First I would like to thank you all for such great support for Mindy. We all greatly appreciate the positive vibe. As goodbear mentioned, r and I are trying very hard to get off the grid. We purged all the food from our house and ANYTHING that has ingredients from China will not be allowed in our house. And as James mentioned, unfortunately the contamination is not just limited to treats. The US FDA just gave the green light for China to fully make and import generic drugs. You can read the article here:

I don’t know how much more people are willing to take.

Comment by Anna& the Pack

I can’t believe how much corporations don’t care. As long as the “privileged few” in the executive level of these corporations (and I include the FDA in this) have their high salaries and pockets lined, they could care less how many people or animals get hurt.

Comment by sparkychronicles

exactly sparky. that’s exactly how i feel.

Comment by goodbear

Thanks for making this post. My mom/dad feed me Blue Buffalo canned food and I love it. They didn’t know the difference between sodium Chloride and Nitrate. They will now look for that on every one of my food/treat labels and will help spread the word at the dog park.

Comment by Rocket Man

rocket man, look for the word “seasonings”. and thanks for stopping by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

The same thing happened to our darling puppy, who became ill from eating chicken jerky from an American company, but “made in China”. There is one brand that we have found that is all natural and made in America, it’s called Kona’s Chips and is sold online. We’ve had good luck with them–it’s at Hope this helps!

Comment by Cici

I bought chicken strips & jerky for my 7 yr old chow/shepard mix. He loved them. Then I noticed excessive water drinking & urinating(also in the house which he never did before) The Vet. told me his urine was so diluted nothing could be found same for the blood work. The first to come to mind is “kidney problem” which I related to the chicken treats,from going on-line,that came from China. He’s fine in every other way. He’s not had those treats for about 3 weeks now and I am hoping for the best. We need to let animal lovers know “don’t skimp, cheap is not better”.

Comment by cubs mom

cubs mom, i’m so glad you found the blog. please keep me posted about your dog!

Comment by goodbear

I googled “pet treats from china” because my 1 year old lab has been displaying digestive problems for a few months. Every time there is an episode I’ve noted its ALL products from China. I’ve stopped buying them, but am worried that our companies are buying products from China- whose standards and quality control are MUCH lower and don’t care about their people, let alone our animals.

Sure enough… Bella had eaten these SAME chicken jerky treats from Costco. Sad.

Comment by Courtney M

Folks, they’re still out there.

Menards and Walgreens. A while back I went so far as to run an allergy panel on my dog. Said chicken was ok.
Had been feeding the jerky strips and assumed that was OK but after a while switched to the little round jerky circles. Must be processed more…he’d not been himself…allergy symptoms were terrible. Put two and two together and ralized it coincided with the jerky rounds. Have discontinued and he’s like a new dog…still a ways to go. FYI, many chicken jerky recipes on line.

Comment by angrybadger

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