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mad lib #2 – a sample wedding thank you note
May 15, 2008, 5:27 pm
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and if you ever needed to know how to write an appropriate thank you note, here’s how.

wait, no, here is NOT how:

Dear Dusty,

I’m feasting right now at the bogus silver candy bath tub you sent and

imagining how friendly it will be on our Thanksgiving tractor next month.

(We’re hosting Ponce deLeon’s family for the first time!) It langorously is one of my favorite violins and Ponce deLeon and I are so clean to you.

We were both short-haired that you couldn’t come to the wedding, but I know your trip to the dining room table must have been big boned! If all goes inherently, we will be wheedling in St. Paul for Christmas, and we’d sit to see you and the dust bunnies and hear about your refrigerators.

Again, thank you so much for the candy bath tub and for the beautiful

busts in your note.

sotto voce,

Kittygirl and Ponce deLeon


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Seems to me that Kittygirls mate should probably be Pounce deLeon!!

Comment by PennyCat

You know, maybe it’s time for a check-up when it’s so easy to visualize a bogus silver candy bathtub perched on the seat of a Thanksgiving tractor.

Comment by lavenderbay

true lavenderbay, …none of us are well…

i, for one, have to get ready for my big boned drive to work.

Comment by goodbear

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