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regarding….the puppies
May 15, 2008, 6:06 am
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ok, nobody freak out, but….i went to visit the foster border collie puppies tonight.

aside adorable anarchy…

let’s discuss the facts:

i’ve been wanting a border collie or border collie mix for years. i’ve been approved to adopt. i want a good fit with my beloved cody bear: not aggressive female and before you judge…i have a fair amount of experience in the dog behavior department.

oh, yes, and one irrational snooty desire: at least be moderately fluffy.

but seriously people, look at these babies:

those are two of the females. the problem is… none of the females cared i was there. it was this guy….

a male named panda, who seemed to want to hang out with me….

he was an absolute LOVE! but we need a female. but…there he was…all the time.

here is the girl(of the 5) that i loved the most:

she is small and precious….but she was indifferent to me. but still lovable.

3 things….

1. i’m going back next week. i have first pick of the ten. maybe my dog will choose me then!

2. the foster mom made a point of telling me that if my dog wasn’t there, don’t worry. soon the sheep farmer litters would be coming in.

3. also, i have to mention: the mother had one of the SWEETEST dispositions i have ever met in a dog.  EVER.  what if i pass up a sweet short haired mail…then accidentally choose a crabby furry female? huh? what then?

but, still, remember…there’s nothing like a puppy. here is panda, my little guy, and one of his brothers, waiting for his momma…


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Ohhhhhhhhhh so cute! I love puppies! If Panda were crawling all over me I don’t think I could resist taking him home …

Comment by jamesviscosi

You might want to check out our breeder’s question of the other day, and all the responses (including one each from E.g. and me) she got. She was asking whether she put too much effort into choosing a pup for a human, instead of letting the human choose the pup? Almost without fail, we all said she was doing the right thing. Maybe more interesting for you, though, was that most of us told her of an initial moment of disappointment (“I wanted a red, but got a brindle”; “I wanted a female, but got a male”) before settling down to the most perfectly matched doggy we could ever imagine. Here’s the link:

Your case is a little different, without a breeder’s input. I think I’d go with James’s hint. It’s well known that cats are superb judges at choosing their own human; maybe occasionally pups know, too, who to ask for a ride home?

Comment by lavenderbay

PS The BC puppies are all gorgeous! They look like a roomful of Ferguses!

PPS I wanted a closing parenthesis, not a winky face, in my comment above. But I guess it works.

Comment by lavenderbay

Uh-oh! Admit it, you’re in luuuuuv! 😉 This was so like the situation when I brought The Aged home (as a kitten that is). I went specifically to bring home a shorthaired female, and, well, I never regretted changing my mind about that. (I wrote about it here:

I’m partial to border collies too. That’s what I’m thinking I’ll get when it’s time for me to get a dog.

Comment by TheAgedCat

Both the boy who liked you and the girl look fantastic. I like the blazes on their heads. Why not get two or three!?

Comment by Checkers

two or three border collie puppies??? might as well throw a couple corgis in there, too!

i don’t know if i’m in love….yet. but i am going back next week. we’ll just have to see…
part of me is disappointed. a tiny part of me hoped to find my dog yesterday, but nothing hit me like the last two times i got my dog. where i saw loki and had to have her. just had to. or when i picked up cody bear and we just clung to eachother…

Comment by goodbear

Oh my word…can you say adorable. Panda was Mandy’s name when we adopted her before we changed it. She had the coloring. She also picked us out. I wanted a tan chi but all the other chihuahuas ignored us except for her. We have never been disappointed. 🙂
I am so excited for you getting a puppy. I think boys will get along okay since Cody is not aggressive and the puppy will be with you from such an early age.
Thanks for Cliff’s bd wishes.

Comment by Gina

OMG…sooooo cute! And his name was Panda. How adorable is that!

Comment by Anna & the pack

one of my dogs that we recently had to put to sleep was a mutt but i KNOW she had border collie in her. she had a white nose, a white belly, and white paws. 🙂 her name was queenie.

Comment by orangejuice100

They are gorgeous – absolutely gorgeous little babies and it would be so hard to choose. Between you and lavenderbay I have been seeing a lot of beautiful babies. It is sooo hard to choose a pup. My parents have a fluffy border collie who is one of the sweetest dogs…very cuddly and madly energetic.

Comment by livingisdetail

Well, when I went to the Humane Society to adopt a puppy I had the choice between a brother and sister. I went with the intention of getting a girlie. But Chavez was so sweet and mellow. He just came up to me and sat on my leg. His sister was crazy – all over the place – at 12 weeks! I knew I would have a hand full with her. So I picked her brother. Afterward I wished I had gotten both, but Chavez was the love of my life for 14 years. I can say we chose each other. So you have to go with your gut and your heart. You will know what is the right thing to do. Just listen to yourself. I agree, get two!!!

Comment by Rebo

So cute! They make me want one, and I never want another dog. (mine had a lot of problems and I also like to be able to be gone without worrying about “potty” breaks.)

Comment by S. Le

so adorable– tough choice, but here’s my 2 cents. not that you asked! I originally wanted a black french bulldog but I ended up with henri who is cream and I think it was the best thing that it turned out that way! sometimes changing your mind turns out very well!

Comment by henri hopper

I have a border collie female, she’s the most amazing dog ever, she’s smart, independent, very protective but only shows aggression when nessasry, bonded well to the new teenage dog over time…and took up agility training like it wasn’t nothing. Go for the fuffy female, :3

Comment by Jess

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