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this is my dog…
May 15, 2008, 5:53 pm
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this is what he looks like when he worries i will forget to feed him before i leave for work….

i’ve never forgotten, mind you, but still…..he worries.

and upon hearing the news of checkers’ incarceration….

it’s a shout out.  (a tongue out) like pouring out his 40, only the canine version.

he knew you were innocent all along, man.


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Thanks for that call to the governor, cb. I was released immediately!

Comment by Checkers

I thought the canine version of pouring a 40 on the ground was peeing on a tree for a homie.

Comment by sparkychronicles

that works, too. but for checkers….you have to acknowledge the “tongue thing”

Comment by goodbear

I still don’t know what “pouring out a 40” means. Is it a propitiary libation of some kind?

Comment by lavenderbay

Cody Bear imitating Checkers….too cute!

Comment by Gina

“I can has breakfast? Pleez?”

Comment by James Viscosi

Hey cody bear…what’s going on?

Comment by Checkers

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