cody bear's friends

bobcats, pictionary, and mental wellness…

it was a good morning, but a tiring morning….

we were short staffed at the rehab place i volunteer.  so basically we had 3 peeps doing the job six of us usually do.  i’m not mad though, i didn’t go last week because of the flu, and they were really busy without me.  i’m still learning the ropes at this place and i really like the people on my shift…

and the animals!  that’s a bobcat!  gorgeous, huh?

ok, so, now i’m off to meet with some dog geek friends of mine.  mostly dog trainers or volunteers that help at the animals shelter.  we’re going to have mediterranean food and then….play pictionary!  i haven’t played that in like….what….20 years.  i bought it for 6 bux at a second hand store and it has everything it needs. but, the pencils aren’t sharpened.  i have to find a sharpener.


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I bet the bobcat can sharpen them for you with her claws. Meeee-ow!

Comment by jamesviscosi

You can see how stupidly tired I’ve become: I brought up your blog, saw the bobcat, and my first thought was that Cody had gotten a facelift.

Comment by lavenderbay

Just seeing that bobcat picture freaks me out!

Comment by Checkers

Cute bobcat…is it a baby?

Comment by Gina

no, she’s full grown.
if cody bear saw one of these….
all his fur would fall out and he would run off whining into the night….

Comment by goodbear

I love pictionary! In fact I love all kinds of board games but I’m the only one who ever wants to play them. I got Cranium for xmas and it remains unopened.

Comment by Drunkbunny

That bobcat is so beautiful but I think even The Evil Fred would be scared of him! Hope you are recovered from the flu.

Comment by S. Le

Wow – (s)he is beautiful!!! I would love to volunteer at a rehab center. I don’t know of any in these parts though…

Comment by elizabethews

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