cody bear's friends

cowboys’ fried eggs and marine blue butterflies

ack!  the weekend was so much fun…an work…that i’m almost too tired to post about all the cool stuff.

yesterday was great fun: volunteering with wildlife all day. napping and playing and walking with my dog cody bear.  then spending the evening with a bunch of friends eating egyptian food and then playing a close couple of games of pictionary.

what could be better?

answer: today.  today was even better.  but, like i said…i’m tired.  so i can’t post everything, and what i’m  posting is way out of sequence.

first:  marine blue butterflies….

oh, they’re so small.  about the size of a thumb nail!  and they flutter together, land and then they suck on the clay.  at first, they were moving so fast and they were so small, i thought they were some crazy flies.

these butterflies were found at our last stop before we headed back to town.  we had spent all day helping at our friends’ organic farm (worked our butts off!) and went to the neighboring ranch.  tons of cool stuff there, but i’ll show more later.

for now….here are some cowboy’s fried eggs!

have you ever even heard of that? not me.  they’re some type of poppy.  and they ARE the size of fried eggs.  less cholesterol…

sorry that’s all for now.  we’re wiped out and sore.  we had SO much fun and met some great people volunteering to help with the harvest, but, … they worked us!!

more tomorrow.  hope your weekend was wonderful, too!


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p.s. ohhhh i wish i had a macro lens!

Comment by goodbear

I can’t wait to hear more and see some photos.

Comment by Hannah

I love the butterflies! They look like they’re playing follow the leader.
The Cowboy’s Fried Eggs are nice, too. Does Butter-and-eggs grow in the Southwest? (Aka toadflax — those teeny wild yellow snapdragons. )

Comment by lavenderbay

The butterflies suck on the clay? Sounds chalky! Don’t they like fried eggs?

Comment by jamesviscosi

Butterflies are super cool! At first, I thought you were pulling my leg; I couldn’t see them. I am glad you had a great weekend.

Comment by Checkers

Those butterflies are awesome! Have any wisteria? They will eat the buds! (that’s what my butterfly book says at least.)

Comment by S. Le

they kind of were lavenderbay! they were all circling and fluttering about 5 inches above the ground. finally one landed and they all followed suit.

Comment by goodbear

I’ve never heard of or seen cowboy fried eggs but they are beautiful!

Comment by Gina

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