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lady bug and a promise to reduce gross out factor!

wow, i had the best weekend and i just feel like a ten year old who has returned from a day at disney land!

but i can’t talk about it right now…but i do have an important announcement:

i really appreciate the regualar visitors we get here at cody bear’s friends, and i want you to keep coming back…so, from now on…any blog that has to do with creepy, scary bugs or things that involve the digestive system of my dog will be prefaced with a warning.  at lease one of my blog readers hates bugs very, very much and another reader is not comfortable with things that make one queazy.

that being said, here is an adorable lady bug!

yes, about 50 percent of my waking hours were spent in the great outdoors this weekend!  i’ll blog about it later,….once i get back from the bar.  bye all!


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p.s. ohhhh i wish i had a macro!

Comment by goodbear

AAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!! BRASSICAS!!!!!! Why didn’t you WARN me????
But seriously, Jack’s Mom doesn’t like spiders, and had to keep hiding Gerald with her hand for a day or two there. Good for you, rating your entries.

Comment by lavenderbay

You are so considerate of your visitors. Of course, I’m a dog, so nothing grosses me out! Nice ladybug. BTW, do you have those light orange chinese ladybugs that bite and smell terrible when you squish them?

Comment by Checkers

i haven’t squished a lady bug, so i couldn’t tell you if we have the stinky ones. and…i’ve never been bitten by one either. i guess the two go together: i probably wouldn’t squish it UNLESS it bit me.

Comment by goodbear

Ahhh….thanks for the warning. 🙂 Ladybugs smell horrible. I don’t enjoy my cat’s breath much in the spring because she consumes a lot of them.

Comment by elizabethews

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