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weekend veggie love…

sunday’s food specifically.  we went to my friend’s farm and, as i mentioned in an earlier post, worked our bums off.  we were pullin’ up organic veg for 4.5 hours, then hopped into the trucks and went to the main house for the most delicious feast.  almost entirely made from herbs and veg from their farm and eggs from their chicks.  most dishes were vegan, too.

she made one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian fritatta…

they’re like omelets, only not gooey or greasy because they’re baked.

other dishes!  2 different kinds of vegan pasta salad that were so fresh and delicious!  one was the freshed basil pesta pasta salad, and the other was spinach bowtie pasta with really mild mushrooms!  this giant platter of the freshest root veg and radishy type things with an amazing dressing.  one veg i had never even heard of before and ….i’ve forgotten it. oh and the MOST delicious fresh pea pods ever!  and fresh endive salad and her famous cowboy cavier. (her best batch yet)

for desert, fresh baked cookies and this honey and citrus/berry fruit dish that….had too many things i was allergic to, but looked delicious.  i should have taken more pictures, but we were starving so i didn’t have the strength to hold the camera …


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The closest I’ve been to a fritatta is the Food Network. Looks delicious. I LOVE veggies.

Comment by Gina

That looks and sounds so yummy! I’m glad to hear you had such a fabulous weekend, and am curious what egyptian food is like (from your last post).

Comment by Laura

That does look good! . . . hmm, I just realized, I haven’t got a single noshy thing in the house.

Comment by TheAgedCat

Fritatta. Sign me up!

Comment by Checkers

Wow! Sure beats the meatloaf I’m going to make for supper all to heck.
I know what Newfy steak is (bologna), but what’s Cowboy Caviar? Is that baked beans?

Comment by lavenderbay

sounds delicious!!

Comment by henri hopper

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