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i see you baby dog, and i know you’re hungry…
May 20, 2008, 11:02 pm
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so this morning, again, cody bear had given up on me. he was so sure i was going to leave for work without feeding him.

resting in a patch of sunlight, with hardly enough strength to wag.  he was whithering away to nothing and was without hope.  “she won’t remember to put kibble in the molecuball.  she doesn’t even know i’m here.”

“what’s this?….she’s taking my pictures?….she knows i’m here and certainly she will feed me!”

“after all, if i die, ….who will she photograph obsessively?”

at last, breakfast arrived.  i sat his breakfast molecuball down on the floor, grabbed my gear and left for work.  poor hungry bear….


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I can imagine cb thinking, “When did pictures become more important than kibble?” He looks noble and long suffering in the first photo. Poor cody bear!

Comment by Checkers

Have you ever found — at least, on the days you’re home — that having a dog helps you remember your own meal times?

Comment by lavenderbay

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