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i still love you, i just have to use the bat picture is all…
May 20, 2008, 2:16 pm
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well, cody bear is tired of me talking about how great the weekend was, and not talking about how wonderful he is.  so here,….just look how wonderful he is…

he is still lovable and fun and important!

but….back to this weekend…

check out this bat house:

so on this one property is a virtual heap of wildlife, plant life, a great pond, an agility cource, a windmill and a duplex bat house!  i wish they’d adopt me!

they’re hoping that within the next couple of weeks an endangered bat species will come and make this luxury condo its home.  i think its 30 feet tall.


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cody bear has the look and the air of serious snout fineness and nobility of superior dogness today. He is wonderful as always.

Comment by Checkers


Is that a house for like…*real* bats?

Comment by Nevis


Is that a house for like…*real* bats?

Comment by Nevis

yes, real bats. i do like bats because they eat bugs and they’re so interesting. i am not a fan of rabies, though, and sometimes they do get rabies so i always tell people if you see a sick or dead bat, DON’T TOUCH!
thanks for stopping by checkers and nevis!

Comment by goodbear

oh that noble look, that’s him wanting to guy hunt for cats but i’m telling him to sit still for a photograph in the sunrise. poor dog…he just wants to RUN!

Comment by goodbear

You are very wonderful, Cody Bear.

Comment by Gina

Did you get a close look at the bat house? My dad built one once, and I was amazed at how close together the partitions are.

Comment by lavenderbay

I love the bat house! Now it is getting colder here I am not seeing bats flying past my house everyday. They have gone looking for warmer weather – who can blame them…I might do the same soon.

Comment by livingisdetail

the bat house is very small. flat rather. the large section isn’t where they’ll live, it’s just surrounding the pole. on either side are two very flat areas and they will just squish in there. the bats really can flatten out!

Comment by goodbear

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