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mad libs tomorrow!
May 21, 2008, 10:17 pm
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i almost forgot…i need some words!  my sister is out of town, so neither she nor her cat will be posting words, i’m relying on you guys for words for tomorrows mad libs.  “what’s this?” you ask you submit words and i put them in a piece and we get something akin to this and this.

we need

7 nouns

7 verbs

5 adverbs

7 adjectives

1 boys name

1 girls name

1 location

1 container/vessel



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Sylvester, Harriet, tugboat,

adj: purple, grovelling, jolly, irridescent, steely, infantile, loud, jingly,

verbs: run, jump, gestate, devour, blink, dismount, pose,

nouns: spindle, elephant, poet, pen, glue, nerfball, refrigerator

location: library

Comment by TheAgedCat

Possible nouns: centipede, cow, helicopter, doorstep, almond.

Possible container: satchel, glovebox, time capsule.

Comment by livingisdetail

Nouns-machine, paper, rawhide, bone, ball, radio, gorilla
Verbs-smoke, pontificate, prevaricate, officiate, walk, chew, bury
Adverbs-thoroughly, happily, sloppily, groggily, contentedly
Adjectives-burning, lukewarm, hot, bright, uneasy, belligerent, large

Comment by Hannah

Location: on the stairwell, in the library, in Sussex England 🙂

Comment by Hilary

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