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there’s a pentatomid on my larabar!!!
May 21, 2008, 2:19 pm
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warning: this post contains a bug.  i tiny, harmless but that allegedly tastes like cinnamon!

it happened yesterday evening. i was in the back yard with cody bear, talking on my mobile.  i came inside to check my email and turned my head to find a bug on my should.  one fraction of a second of freak out, then i realize….it’s the mythical pentatomid.

i hung up, picked him off and sat him on my desk then ran to find one of my cameras.  while i was gone, he found a comfy spot on my larabar.

“what’s a pentatomid?” you ask.  it’s a very small bug that flies.  it apparently….can be used for seasoning, but, as i posited before, why not just use actual seasoning.

“what’s a larabar?” you ask.  its a snack bar that has no added sugar, is unprocessed, raw, no gluten, no dairy, no soy and is vegan as well as kosher.  i like them….and so does my pentatomid.

….so then i let him outside and he flew away.  i called my buggy friend, a, and she naturally asked if i tasted it.  right! as if!  she knows i don’t eat meat!


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I don’t think bugs are kosher, either — too many legs. That’s two reasons for not sprinkling them on your apple crisp.

Comment by lavenderbay

Do bugs have meat on them? I thought it was just squishy stuff inside.

Comment by Checkers

i don’t know…i’m not going to try one either.
top five bug flavors
1. cinnamon
2. watermelon
3. chocolate
4. root beer
5. orange

Comment by goodbear

What an interesting bug! i’ve never heard of them before!

Comment by Rusty

Did you know prior to seeing said but that it was flavored or did your bug friend tell you? I don’t think I could bring myself to lick a bug even if it tasted like Chardonnay.

Comment by elizabethews

a couple of my entomologist friends came over last month to do a study at my house. you see…i have amazing bees. tons of them and a few different species. and we ladies were sitting around drinking bees and they started telling me about some crazy bugs. one was the pentatomid. i’m trusting them that they taste like cinnamon….
anyway…i may have freaked if they hadn’t shown me the bug already.
it’s true what they say, you become less scared of something if you understand it better.

Comment by goodbear

My owner said he’d try a root beer bug!

Comment by Checkers

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