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random dog and a recap
May 22, 2008, 2:42 pm
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well, yesterday was a cool blog day.  many of us posted some turtles on line.  that was cool.  i think we should do it again!  not turtles though…we’ll have to think of something else.  maybe theagedcat or checkers or lavenderbay will have an idea….

in the meantime, here’s a dog in the grocery parking lot:

i had just bought some groceries and was getting in my car, when i saw this little dog next to me.  he looks pretty content.   cody bear hates the car and hates being left in the car.

maybe he’s happy because he knows his owner is in the health food store buying him some yummy snacks?


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I think this dog has his learner’s permit and drove his owner to the store for practice, as well as for treats!

Comment by Checkers

could be! and…he backed into the parking space, apparently!

Comment by goodbear

I forgot about your random dog photos. These are great!

(Lookout Toonses! Dawgs on the road!)

Comment by TheAgedCat

Maybe he’s got his FULL driver’s licence, and he’s on a date, and that cute little GSD has gone in to buy sodas.

Comment by lavenderbay

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