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the “no” in genome…or….d.n.ain’t!
May 23, 2008, 7:05 am
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finally, today, the much awaited genetic testing results arrived! (we discussed it here and here!)

before i reveal the staggering (sticky with sarcasm) results, here’s a little history:

my best friend and his wife knew i was idiotically excited when i heard about this test. they were, too. they would LOVE to learn what hannah, a suspected doberman mix, was made of. they bought themselves a test and got me one for my birthday a few weeks later. we were all vibrating with anticipation!

hannah’s FIRST test results came back. this 65 lb short short haired dog….

is a shih tzu mix, according to mmi genomics. that’s right. shih tzu. nothing but shih tzu..

oh…here’s a past shih tzu picture i posted:

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. they could be TWINS!

so we called. “how can this be?” they answer with a free test….5 months ago and we STILL haven’t gotten the results.

then, weeks later, cody bear’s cheek swab goes in. look at him…

inconclusive, except, obviously….a smattering of…AFGHAN HOUND!


so we call. i ask them “HOW can this be?????” (because clearly the black tongue says chow, which is one of the testable breeds!) i tell them i’m certain he’s something (CHOW) and he asks which breed i’m “thinking”, so i tell him. free test coming at me.

hannah’s test was sent in 2 weeks before cody bear’s and she hasn’t heard squat. i got this today:

KNOWING through behavior, in agreement with vet and dog trainers….they’re MISSING SOMETHING. a couple obvious breeds. so….here are some questions for you guys…

1. has anyone done this test?

2. does anyone question that it is a cheek swab and it may just be testing matriarchal mitochondrion dna?

3. does anyone have any genetics insight at all regarding this dog test?

4. or…have you heard anything about the swab test as opposed to the blood test by another company?

5. do you have any thoughts on this or the canine cloning in the news?

ultimately…why do i care? many reasons, but 3 main ones:

the number 1 reason: i’m fascinated by him. why is he so beautiful? what is it that makes him so smart? how come if he thinks he’s learning on his own… he’s elated, but if you “try to teach him something”…he becomes obstinate? how the hell does he know which people to protect me from?

2. i wanted a simple answer to “oh my god he’s so beautiful! what kind of dog is he?” i’ve been saying mandarin collie, but is there something more realistic than my made up breed? and yes…he is THAT gorgeous.

3. i thought maybe it would explain some of his ….idiosyncrasies. some of his irritating and engaging idiosyncrasies.

whatever. i love him. i’m starting to think the test is just not ready for our collective trust. either way…he doesn’t care. he knows he’s loved.


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[…] tell you what kind of dog she is…but no such luck.  that  was tonight’s topic on cody bear’s blog.  we did the cheek swab test…um…well…the genetics testing wasn’t as much […]

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It’s too bad you told the guy on the phone about the Chow suspicion. I would have liked to see that paper if you had said, “Miniature Poodle”.

Comment by lavenderbay

I asked my vet about the swab vs. blood test DNA test and he recommended the Mars Wisdom Panel with the blood draw. A couple of vets at the practice have pure bred dogs and used them as test subjects to see what kind of results they got back before selling the service to its clients. So far, they have done about 15 or 20 tests ( I talked with them last week) and so far they feel that all of the test results have been “spot on”.

And, I agree with you, your reasons for doing the test were mine exactly. Cosmo look like a black lab .. but with a little something mixed in and I wanted to know! Fascinating!

I’m sorry your results were so odd and that dog ain’t no Shitzu!! LOL.


Comment by twobarkingdogs

How weird. I have always thought cb was a cross between a chow and a bear. I know I have papers somewhere that certify that I am 100% dog, though I think I have a little bit of pig in my genes.

Comment by Checkers

I don’t know the answer to your questions, but I suspect Lavenderbay is right. “Just tell us what you want the paper to say …”

For the record, to me, he definitely looks like a chow-chow, but I don’t really see much in the way of German shepherd in him — at least not from hs pictures!

Comment by jamesviscosi

According to Hannah’s results….totally unreliable test.
He definitely has the tongue and lion’s mane of a chow but his hair is short for a chow…what dog has short hair and looks like him?

Comment by Gina

Afghan Hound? Please.

Comment by Gina

afghan hound please is exactly what i said!
thank you guys so much for posting comments!
twobarking, that is what i sort of heard, too. and also some dogs who did both types of tests and the results were way different.

Comment by goodbear

I have no wisdom to add about DNA testing, but these results make the company sound pretty fishy.

I am a fan of made-up dog breeds. My parents have a dog (amusingly named ‘third dog’) who they call a ‘Fancy Hound.’ Oliver doesn’t have a fake breed. I’ll have to come up with something.

Comment by Laura

Hopefully we will have Hannah’s results soon, but I don’t think I will have much confidence in them. At least it is fun to tell people, if they ask what breed Hannah is, to say shih tzu.

Checkers may be on to something because I don’t think the heritage test includes bear under their breeds.

Comment by Hannah

first of all, how can Checkers have pig in him, if he eats ham sandwiches? Second, Cody is NOT Afghan Hound!!

Comment by ny hamptonite

I belive Cody is part Clown!

Comment by ny hamptonite

Hamptonite, Checkers has pig in his genes because he carries ham sandwiches in his wallet, right next to his juice phone. With his colouring, he can wear blue genes, black genes, or khaki jeans in great style.

Comment by lavenderbay

ha! I think there may be some problem with the testing methods…that is no shitzu. and cody looks nothing like an afghan!

Comment by henri hopper

Wow, I’m glad Dennis the Vizsla pointed me to your story. I was thinking it’d be fun to get one of these test kits for my parents for Christmas (they also get asked what kind of dog they have all the time, but she’s such a mix that they don’t really know). I guess I’m back to buying them bath robes. 😛

Comment by Linz

linz, i ‘m glad you found the blog! i hear the blood test one words well, but i don’t know anyone personally who did it.

do you have a picture of that dog?

Comment by goodbear

I just found your blogs and I am so excited. I love reading about Cody, mostly because I had a dog named Sasha who looked and acted just like him. She passed last Easter at the age of 17 and it has been a long hard year for me. I was online trying to figure out what breeds she was to try and find another like her but I was mostly unsucessful until I saw Cody! Just knowing he is out there makes me much happier. If you ever figure out what he is (or know of any puppies like him!) I would be completely in your debt if you would let me know. Keep the posts going! I plan on coming back quite often Thank you!

Comment by Britta

hi britta! so glad you found the blog. cody bear seems to have: chow/german shepherd/australian shepherd.

but, the most important thing about our dogs, regardless of breed: how snuggly and how lovable? right? i would love to see pix of your sasha. let me know when you have them up on your blog.

Comment by goodbear

Here is a picture of Sasha

Comment by Britta

Comment by Britta

hi britta! sasha is sooo cute. i would think she had chow and german shepherd in her. she is a little bear!

Comment by goodbear

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