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coyote crescendo
May 24, 2008, 10:18 pm
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no, i didn’t get a new puppy!!!

this is a baby coyote.  “oh how cute!” is what you’re thinking.  SO SMALL and precious.  he slept most of the morning during my shift today.  then he woke up while we were examining a couple baby red-tail orphans.  he saw c. getting his lunch ready, but she was taking TOO LONG.  so the pupster, wild child, sits his butt down, jams his little coyote buns into the floor as far as he can, throws his head allllll the way back and lets go this crazy puppup howl.  SO CUTE!!!

what a love!


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My wife says “Ohhhhhhhh he’s so cute! I want to hear him howl!” She also wants to know if he acts different from a dog puppy and what you’re going to do with him and if he’s going to stay wild. And how he’s going to get socialized. (My wife is the woman of 1,000 questions …)

Comment by jamesviscosi

And why is the worker removing his tongue JUST KIDDING!!!

Comment by lavenderbay

We have coyotes here in our neighborhood, I hear tell. He’s awfully cute. Is he being force fed raw chicken?

Comment by Checkers

well, let’s see. here is some information:
we don’t know yet if he will be releasable, as he may have a neurological disorder. if he makes it, he will probably be released in the area he was found, but there isn’t a mom any more so he will have to be raised here.
he does act different than a puppy. (i’m new with mammals. i’ve had 7 years raptor rehab experience, but this is my first coyote) so i don’t know if his behavior is different because he’s a coyote, or because his noggin ain’t right.
he is VERY demanding for food and VERY bite-y.

Comment by goodbear

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