cody bear's friends

head games furry ones play…(sigh)

and so it is saturday and i am about to leave for volunteering at the wildlife center. but first, cody bear must be entertained!  this usually  involves catch and kill the rubber chicken, but he’s too a.d.d. today so it will just be a walk for my crazy guy!

we have been invited to the friend’s house, the ones with the pond and the bat condo, for a private agility lesson one of these days.  but,…i worry. i grew up in a “walk next door to get milk from the dairy farm” small town. i always freaked out when the country dogs chased the cars. cody bear has no country smarts.  and there are so many dangerous critters. (spider from last night’s post)  i know he LOOKS like a bear…but really….he’s a delicate flower.

this is bucky.  ive shown her on my other dog daily photo blog, but i love this picture!  she’s a riot.

she lives with another portugese water dog, too, and i have a feeling when cody bear sees them….he’s going to have a nervous breakdown.  but….we’ll see.  i need to plan longer for safety reasons.

we would go for the weekend.  work on the farm, do agility, eat delicious home grown veg, do some bird watching, take pictures.

here’s another scene…

well, better walk him. he’s starting his sighing, a form of canine manipulation i’m sure many of you are familiar with!


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p.s. bucky is three and that’s a leaf hanging from her chin. she was just swimming in the pond.

Comment by goodbear

Whew! I thought maybe Bucky hadn’t quite finished eating the Geico lizard, but it’s just a leaf …

Comment by jamesviscosi

very nice

Comment by maldives travel

Hopefully you and your delicate flower will both have a good time!

Comment by lavenderbay

I don’t know why, but in the last picture, it looks like the ladder tried to lean on the windmill and the windmill took offense and punched the ladder’s lights out!

I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Comment by Checkers

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