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said the spider to the twig…
May 24, 2008, 4:39 am
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warning! this post contains a spider!  but it is REALLY hard to see.

you’ve been warned…

so last weekend we spend the day about an hour outside of town.  we saw many cool things, met some cool people, worked hard. yadda.  yadda yadda.  i talked about it too much already… but, there WAS a spider and I FOUND IT!

we were walking through the scrub and we passed it.  i was in the back and called them to stop and return. i had found my first spider den. the net was like a funnel…so i think it’s a funnel spider. a put a tiny twig in front of the hole and the giant guy ran right out. here he is, but he’s hard to see:

here he is up close:

anyone want to guess what kind of spider he is?  here’s a clue…his…oop…her…web:

so, there’s your friday night creepy post!  BOO!

i’m still proud of myself for the find!


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hello cody bear its dennis the eeeeeeeeyaaaaggghhhh jiant spider run for yore lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok bye

Comment by jamesviscosi

It took me a few seconds before I could see him in the first photo. Quite the lad, isn’t he?

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] viewing were low, but we were treated with views of ravens and a hunting red tail.  also, scads of funnel spiders had set up […]

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