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lawless chiweenies and moping mandarin collies
May 26, 2008, 4:04 am
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ah, three day weekends. just finished watching the simpsons movie.

there were some wildlife moments yesterday, but i already posted about them.

here’s cody bear moping because i was taking more pictures of hannah.

i was spending too much time snapping hannah, so he kept getting between her and the lens. finally he laid down on my leg and let out a huge sigh.

and here is the lawless chiweenie:

you say chiweenie, i say chaweenie…. anyway, these little guys get to sit where ever they want. and everyone loves them. i went to the chiweenie’s house to photograph dogs OTHER than him. there were 6 dogs there that night….but he runs the show. he has too much animality!!! i love him!

well, i think i’ll go read now. haven’t had time lately, but its a 3 day weekend so let’s get to it!


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2d pic: “Man, que fiesta! Better have a little hair of the dog.”

Comment by lavenderbay

What a cute dog. Poor Cody Bear. hehe He ALWAYS looks straight at the camera and poses.

Comment by Gina

the chiweenie rules! He can sit on top of tables. Drink out of people glasses. He can do no wrong!

Comment by Checkers

my chiweenie just died after easter 😥

Comment by caitlin

i’m sorry about your chiweenie caitlin.

Comment by goodbear

This is a picture of our dog and he looks just like your chiweenie. We always thought he was one of a kind because we got him from the pound when he was a puppy. If you are sure yours is a chiweenie, I guess that’s what we’ve got. Everyone is always commenting on his “unique” looks. Would love to hear from you!

Comment by Lee Ann

Comment by Lee Ann

Comment by Lee Ann

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