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indiana jones and the golden dog bone…
May 27, 2008, 6:01 am
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so, i went to see the new indiana jones movie.  i guess now that the movie is out, it’s ok to mention the big reveal….

cody bear and checkers were in this movie.  and….THEY WERE AWESOME!!!

most importantly, there’s a buzz that shia lebouf is going to continue the indiana jones legacy and checkers and cody bear will be his side kicks.  they make short round look like an amateur. (oh wait…he was an amateur)

never before have i seen dogs with such blockbuster prowess.  checkers is a pro with his experience with “fake fight” but cody bear is a hollywood newbie.  they’re both naturals, possessing an equal balance of comedic and physical talents.

in the next installment, the dogs follow indy junior into ancient roman catacombs.  as indy junior instructs them not to touch anything….the dogs find themselves being inundated with fleas while indy jr. is trying to decipher a clue.  they freak and in their panic, checkers leans on a lever that opens a hidden chamber with a cryptic clue where to find the golden bone.   they narrowly escape the collapsing tunnels and instantly jet off to the lost city of petra where indy junior meets his love interest:  an exotic woman with a strange tatoo of a dog with a mystical plushie in his mouth.  cody bear is captured, but in saving him, indy junior discovers a map that…

oh dear….i’ve said too much.


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I see that CB and Checkers were too smart to get in the quicksand.

Comment by Hannah

Careful, Cody Bear, it looks like Indy wants to grab your tail to pull himself out of that fix!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Shooting on location was tough but cody bear’s personal assistant brought the moleculeball and kept it full of kibble so we had stuff to do during down time. cody bear and I had our own trailers but I mostly hung out in his because it was more fun. Someone on the set told us that, for fun, we should light a paper bag full of poop on fire in front of the door to Harrison Ford’s trailer, knock on the door, and run. I had trouble with the matches so we didn’t get to try it.

Comment by Checkers

Checkers, you look like you are watching Indy and Cody, you look like you are ready to spring into action. Great acting!! Can I have your autographs?

Comment by Gina

i guess they had to really work hard in the sound editing department. any scene that didn’t have cb and checkers in it….had this crazy squeaky toy noise in the background.

Comment by goodbear

I can barely wait to see you two in the film! Brilliant casting!

Comment by S. Le

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