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standing lunch date!
May 27, 2008, 7:30 pm
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every day i have a lunch date with my dog!  i leave the office and come home for a snack and some cody bear time:

here is his “i’m crazy and i’m gonna bolt with this squeaky frankenstein” posture:

and did i mention he is a tad a.d.d.?  here he is after 1 minute of play, pondering, “do i want to chase this again?  do i want to find my rubber chicken and kill that some more?  or…do i want to hung for cats?  perhaps i should chase a lizard?”

ultimately he decided to trot around the yard with the toy and leave me to entertain myself…

then the fed ex truck drove by and it was SO EXCITING!

so i ate my noodles and watched him chase the fed ex truck.  now i have to go back to work.  maybe there’s a few minutes for cuddling first….


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Wonderful pics of cb! I especially like the first one. I love how he holds his toy by its foot.

Comment by Checkers


Comment by Gina

Gorgeous Coby Bear. It is great you can come home and have lunch with him everyday. He is a lucky boy.

Comment by livingisdetail

I also like the third pictures. He’s like, “Oh, where did that come from? Should I kill it?”

Comment by jamesviscosi

oh, thanks everyone. i think he’s just my cute little guy!
i wonder if he ever thinks, “hey…didn’t i already kill that!?”

Comment by goodbear

My brother who lives in Austin, TX comes home every day at lunch to be with his doggy too. She is a jack russell. Thank goodness~most days my bf was at home with Patch at lunch…before he would leave to go golfing.

Comment by Mercedes

“So, the squeaky rubber Frankenstein returns to challenge the master …”

Comment by jamesviscosi

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